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Re: The NEW Auspharmlist: Tricia Kelly

Geraldine Moses wrote:

Perhaps some of youse blokes who have been partaking in AusPharm regularly for these twenty long years could nominate Mark and Tony for knighthoods. Or PSA lifetime achievment award. Or an Oscar. Something! I feel they have not been acknowledged sufficiently for their outstanding and revolutionary contribution to australian pharmacy.


It would be fitting that Mark and Tony (jointly) should be nominated for the Bowl of Hygieia Award. This would be significant as they are community pharmacists rather then academics with a definite passion for pharmacy and its future direction.



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Wake-up Centrelink: Umer Khattak   

Had to cop abuse from a customer ( ‘you are useless’, ‘i’ll take my business elsewhere’, ‘you are a bunch of cheats’ plus a few other spicy remarks I don’t wish to publish here as I know Mark would surely delete them) because the Centrelink had issued him a H/c Card with an invalid number–there were two alphabets at the end of the numbers instead of the usual one.

When I questioned the anomaly, the Centrelink lady on the other end of the phone simply said ‘that’s how it is’ and that she had received calls from other pharmacists about the same problem. she said ‘ I don’t understand why pharmacists have any problem with it’

A few days after this incident the same customer returns and guess what, the second alphabet had mysteriously gone walkabout from his card. And that’s not all, it worked fine when put through my dispensing software!

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Re: Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Peter Crothers

Kay Dunkley wrote:

It would be impossible to charge a public hospital for this service.


Why? While it IS impossible currently, why should it be? We need an e-Health system built around integrated patient-centred care and it follows that in such a system each contribution to a person’s care should be recorded, retained and recognised. And so why not ‘and paid for’ as well?

I think we have to start questioning all these things that have been this way for ever and which people take for granted, and which are holding us – and health care – back. Unremunerated work is one of the things that currently props up our tottering health system. Just about everyone is doing it – GPs, community pharmacists, hospital doctors and pharmacists certainly- and it’s only a matter of time before people start pushing back. What if a community pharmacist, when asked for the person’s regimen and/or history, said I’m sorry, I’m with patients at the moment doing work that I’m paid for – which I must give a priority to – and I won’t be able to do that right now ? That is pretty much what some doctors already do.

Not saying we should stop cooperating with colleagues in care. Am saying we should think about the consequences of the current ‘health non-system’ and start to question the bits that suck.

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Do we lose the home page with all the links?: Alan Freedman

One of the most useful features of the Auspharmacist website was the title page with all the links, and for that reason many pharmacists used it as their personal home page on their computers.

Does the change now mean that we lose this?

**Moderator’s note: Alan, there are a number of links on what was / is the AusPharmacist web address. One of these is to an archive of the ‘old’ page: – MD**


Re: A SEARCH function for APL archives: Ron Batagol

Peter Allen wrote:

With the vast resources of APPCo behind it, AusPharmList can work on creating a search function to find relevant posts from the archives. Wouldn’t THAT be useful.


Yes, Peter. A VERY VALUABLE TOOL INDEED!! It will be great if we can continue to search through posts on various topics that have been discussed in detail over the years on Auspharmlist!!

Those who have seen many of my own posts over the years, will have noted that I frequently refer to comments and references from past posts of myself and other Auspharmlisters, on specific issues that re-emerge months or often, years later, usually with a link to the original post(s).

I found over the years, that the previous posts or issues discussed served as a great template for updating the information to contemporary relevance, with inclusion as required, of recent literature or other discussion points. It frequently worked a treat within my own areas of specialised interest- eg.for obsetrics, medico-legal and professional practice issues, and on a broader scale, for current state of play on pharmacists’ various emerging roles in the health system here and elsewhere!

I would hate to lose and not be able to access that valuable information!

P.S. In addition, an included link to the variuous Feature Articles and specialised comments by various experts in the field on the Auspharmlist page, would also be an invaluable source of background information, if that could be achieved.

**Moderator’s note: Ron, the entire ‘old’ site is still available for now – – MD**


Re: For Sale Items: Alyson Webster

Brenden Seri wrote:

I have notice ITK don’t publish classifieds any more for stock pharmacies may no longer need. Is there any other platform available to advertise stock that might be of use to another pharmacy?



nood (nearly out of date) medications


Re: Project stop: Robert Dash

David Haworth wrote:

Project stop is coming to NSW from March 26th. I expect we will learn how to use it.The staff want to know if a photo ID card can be used in cases when people don’t drive?What say you in other states ?


Hi David

Photo ID cards issued by Roads and Maritime Services can be used in NSW.

Bob Dash


Dear Pharmacy, My Health Record has been re-launched: Peter Allen

The launch of My Health Record (previously known as the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record or PCEHR) on March 4th 2016 signals the start of a new era of faster, more effective and more efficient health care for Australians. (link)


My retro machine is in for of service, upgrading, so I expect to miss your meeting….

I expect it to be faster, more effective and more efficient

I put it in today, should be ready last week.

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