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Re: The NEW Auspharmlist: Bruce Moffat

Geraldine Moses wrote:

Perhaps some of youse blokes who have been partaking in AusPharm regularly for these twenty long years could nominate Mark and Tony for knighthoods. Or PSA lifetime achievment award. Or an Oscar. Something!


Yairs, the Golden Australian Suppository and Bar perhaps. Post nominal GAS. Left breast, above the Guild badge.

Miniture for daytime functions and CPD events.

I’m one of ‘youse blokes’, a stray Mark trawled out from the narco-seeking depths of and other News Groups when baud sometimes meant bawd but never bored.

I clearly recall that when mark wrote that he was thinking of starting a focused Australian version that the immortal words dunno really were written as part of my question as to the hows and whys of his idea.

Well we know now. As one who was grateful for a chance to learn more from a forum than I put in (unlike the News Groups which had a strong lay prescence) and who was also charitably afforded an outlet for an otherwise frustrated creative bent I too think that the industry at the very least should recognise their effort.

If my Mum can get a medal from the Scouts for 20 years committee service then Tony and Mark deserve somewhat more. I shall Geraldine, pursue the issue. In the general honours system Meritorious Service awards carry more weight when nominated by an organisation but AusPharm was not really one as such so perhaps there’s a path via the public nomination route of the Order of Australia. If I need a seconder I’m assuming Peter Allen already has my back.

Bonne Ide



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Re: Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Amanda Cronin

I saw a recent post about possibly charging patients postage for mailing back repeats that are faxed to a pharmacy. What are ‘listers thoughts on charging for faxing hospitals for dispensing histories?


We want our customers to get good service and get better and come back to the pharmacy- sticking them with a bill for the fax might make them someone else’s patients quick smart.

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Re: Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Anne Todd

Melinda Tiernan wrote:

I then make a note in the patient’s history when printing if off to fax. (eg. Patient history faxed to Jane Smith, ED pharmacist, X hospital on this number, x time and date). All further requests can then be told – we already faxed that to Jane Smith on this time and day etc… please chase up with her. Being able to give a particular name and department (plus date and time) seems to work. Its not foolproof (we’ve still had call backs to get it again) but it seems to help.


I agree, it is only the right thing to do. Not only for the time saved in having to do it again. It documents the request which will keep the privacy people happy as well – Consent to share and all that re the privacy act. I hope you ask the question or the pharmacist on the other end has told you they have the patient/carer’s permission has the patient consented to my sharing this history with you


Okay… Sensible me would just share it professional to professional to ensure safe medical care, but..

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Re: Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Kay Dunkley

Melinda Tiernan wrote:

In order to combat this I have taken to getting the details of the first person to request this. I then make a note in the patient’s history when printing if off to fax. (eg. Patient history faxed to Jane Smith, ED pharmacist, X hospital on this number, x time and date)…….


It is essential to reconcile medication histories on admission to hospital.

I certainly agree that multiple requests for the same information are frustrating and time wasting. It would be impossible to charge a public hospital for this service. I think the technique of recording who has already requested a medication history is a really great idea and will improve accountability in the longer term. It is likely that the doctor in ED, the doctor on the ward and the clinical pharmacist are all phoning separately, plus maybe a nurse or two.

There will be occasions when the fax goes missing but often it is the lazy way out to request it again rather than look at what paper has already been added to the patient’s medical record. Medication reconciliation is a clinical pharmacist KPI but pharmacists would rarely be present 24 hours a day in the hospital. Of course it would be nice if this was reciprocated to the community pharmacy at discharge with a fax of the discharge summary being sent by the hospital back to the pharmacy. Shared electronic records will solve this issue eventually.

Kay Dunkley

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Re: 20 years of AusPharm: Peter Allen

What, no APL this morning?


They started with both some goodwill and some skepticism. Their capital is being eroded very fast. What they need to do is WHATEVER IT TAKES to fix it — as any of us would do in such a situation at work, Failure is not an option.

Peter Allen Peter the grouchy chemist today, Pollyanna normally.

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Re: 20 years of AusPharm: Justin Lee

Karalyn Huxhagen wrote:

You are so important to pharmacy. Enjoy the quieter life.


It is important to recognise the voice that AusPharm gave to so many pharmacists that would perhaps not have been heard otherwise. We have read entertaining, yet pertinent, articles from pharmacists such as Irwin Lowe and Veronica Nou. We have undertaken quality CPD from pharmacists such as Ella van Tienen. We have been enlightened by Practice Pearls from Peter Allen.

Many, many pharmacists both young and old who have been able to express an opinion and in some way or other, whether directly or indirectly, influence the shape of discourse in the pharmacy profession. AusPharmList was where we have seen extensive discussion about the issues impacting the pharmacy profession; from ‘Coke and fries’ to the perceived oversupply of pharmacists in the profession, and even commentary on leadership of the profession.

AusPharm has connected many pharmacists both publicly and behind the scenes. In a sense, it has brought the profession closer together (e.g. meeting someone in person at a conference for the first time but recognising them from AusPharm and immediately being able to enter conversation as though we had known each other for years).

Since Mark and Tony have lent so many of us a voice, I believe it is fitting that we take Geraldine’s suggestion seriously and be a voice for the both of them. It does not appear that nominations for the PSA Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 have open yet. However, I for one will be nominating them for this award. Nominations are quite often done on the quiet by PSA Branches, but I think a grassroots campaign fits perfectly with the manner in which AusPharm works. It may take a little while to complete an application form (see last year’s form here), but it is the least we can do for those who have done so much for us.I encourage ‘listers to submit a nomination for this award when it opens, and perhaps suggest other awards that would suit their service to the profession.

I think Karalyn summed it up really nicely. Mark and Tony, you are so important to pharmacy.

Justin Lee
Noisy pharmacist

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