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Which wholesaler: Lana Tang

Dear All,

I’m thinking of leaving my wholesaler (and buying group attached to it), I’d like to ask any member of API Club Premium or Symbion Pharmacy Choice if it is worth to join one of these 2. Your advice or information would be great.

Thank you

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Re: faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Peter Allen

The frustration lies in the fact that we’ve been requested to send the same patient’s dispensing history 3 times over the last week. Different pharmacists in the same department each time.


Not very modern, but it seems to suffice if I give the hospital pharmacist the details on the spot.

Fred, patient F2 [History]

else simplified medicines list Alt/F4

Can also sometimes give background e.g confused / trustworthy.

Peter Allen both confused AND trusting that this Forum will come good.

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S3 – when in doubt?: Peter Allen

Regular client, good straight guy, doctor told him to get Rikod****.

Pharmacist refused the sale.

It was in a dodgy neighbourhood though near home but unknown to the pharmacy, he is a young man, coughed, had no note from doctor [mistake!]. I’d been told that the high dose of sorbitiol (diarrhoea) is the deterrent. Never underestimate the wilyness of the street consumers of semi-licit pharmaceuticals.

If in doubt what would you do. My attitude is to supply. There is more harm in not supplying to a genuine patient than there is in supplying to one dodgy customer.

Peter Allen cof cof

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Re: the new AusPharmList: Tony Lee

Geraldine Moses wrote:

Perhaps some of youse blokes who have been partaking in AusPharm regularly for these twenty long years could nominate Mark and Tony for knighthoods. Or PSA lifetime achievment award. Or an Oscar. Something! I feel they have not been acknowledged sufficiently for their outstanding and revolutionary contribution to australian pharmacy.


Agree with Geraldine! What we need is a ‘captain’s choice’ while the boat’s afloat. Unfortunately we blokes are mere deckhands doing the hard yards, pardon the pun. But where the heck is Tassie? (sorry Mark Tony)

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Re: the new AusPharmList: Kristine Hall

A big thank you Mark. Thank you also to the regular posters – Peter Allen, David Howarth, Karalyn Huxhagen, Jarrod McMaugh, Peter Crothers et al.

I am mostly an Auspharm vouyer, but the site sits faithfully in my bookmarks for when I have free time.


Re: Project Stop: Seemi Khan

David Haworth wrote:

Project stop is coming to NSW from March 26th. I expect we will learn how to use it. The staff want to know if a photo ID card can be used in cases when people don’t drive? What say you in other states ?


18 plus card and passport are ok in Qld. ..jail release form is not (true story) !!!

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Re: faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Leopoldo Hamulczyk

Kay Dunkley wrote:

It is likely that the doctor in ED, the doctor on the ward and the clinical pharmacist are all phoning separately, plus maybe a nurse or two.


Information disappears. You would be surprised how frequently the doctor’s admission notes say see listundermedications, but there is no list anywhere in the patient’s history/notes. So when the pharmacist is looking for the list to do his/her reconciliation he/she must call again and get it refaxed.

The sooner we get a compulsory national electronic medical record the better.

Leo Hamulczyk


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Re: the new AusPharmList: Debbie Rigby

Peter Allen wrote:

I for one have prepared a nomination and several times in the past. Perhaps the voters, PSA’s ex-presidents are not all that aware of the extreme value of APL.


I agree Peter. Many of our pharmacy organisation leaders are not active on auspharmlist – there are exceptions like Anthony Tassone and I think we all appreciate his detailed input. But most others are silent and probably don’t read auspharmlist. All good leaders need to understand the views and opinions of those they seek to represent. Whilst there are many other opportunities and avenues for this, auspharmlist has been a safe haven to express opinions, ask for guidance and share experiences with others, reagrdless of where you work or live. And it has been an opportunity for thought leaders to emerge and have their say. Mark’s moderation has saved people from themselves many times. But largely people’s views are aired, sometimes with robust debate following.

Like Peter I have nominated Mark three times for the PSA Pharmacist of the Year, including last year. There are many pharmacists worthy of this honour, but perhaps this year will be Mark’s. Maybe it is power in numbers that will win eventually, so I can see multiple nominations this year!

Debbie Rigby

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Re: the new AusPharmList

Bruce Moffat wrote:

If my Mum can get a medal from the Scouts for 20 years committee service then Tony and Mark deserve somewhat more. …. If I need a seconder I’m assuming Peter Allen already has my back.


Great idea Bruce. And if Peter Allen is otherwise occupied, I’d be delighted to be your seconder, or ‘thirder’ if needs be.


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For sale items: Brendan Seri

I have notice ITK don’t publish classifieds any more for stock pharmacies may no longer need. Is there any other platform available to advertise stock that might be of use to another pharmacy?


Brendan Seri

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