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Re: Faxing dispensing histories to hospitals: Leon Yap

The frustration lies in the fact that we’ve been requested to send the same patient’s dispensing history 3 times over the last week. Different pharmacists in the same department each time.


I’m not sure about other dispensing software, but a solution to the problem (with FRED anyway) would be for the dispensing data to be able to be either exported as a pdf (or similar file) for emailing, or for it to have a function that will automatically email the data from the FRED program itself. Are we not in the 21st century?


Re: S3 — when in doubt?: Anne Todd

Peter Allen wrote:

Regular client, good straight guy, doctor told him to get Rikod****. If in doubt what would you do. My attitude is to supply. There is more harm in not supplying to a genuine patient than there is in supplying to one dodgy customer.


I’m inclined to agree with you, after taking a good history, thereby ensuring the GP hadn’t missed whooping cough or postnasal drip as a possible cause, I would also supply. Recording details and indicating that 3-5 days if cough still present requires being reassessed by GP.

Anne (stubborn cough)


Re: Do we lose the home page with all the links?: David Haworth

Alan Freedman wrote:

One of the most useful features of the Auspharmacist website was the title page with all the links, and for that reason many pharmacists used it as their personal home page on their computers. Does the change now mean that we lose this?


Mark’s right…I bookmark as I too like to use the links to safely access banking paypal and ebay etc.


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