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Re: The professor obeys the Guideline and watches the child die : Andrew Tooms

Terese Tinoo wrote:

In WA ASCIA changed legislation to allow schools to have an epipen that could be used in just this situation. Legally the school is allowed to have an epipen that is not allocated to an individual, and teachers can use the epipen without fear of legal ramifications.


In the NT our poisons laws were modernised a couple of years ago – now anyone can administer an S3 medicine as long as they follow the directions given at the time of sale.

Even further, under the criminal code of the NT, you can be held criminally liable if you are able to help someone in distress and callously fail to do so. For more detailed info look at my blog

Andrew Tooms

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AJP daily Vs AusPharm : David Haworth

I am finding AJP Daily a poor substitute for Auspharm news.

Instead of source articles we are getting REPORTED stories which I find dissatisfying. I am also not inclined to enter discussions on the articles when many of the commenters coment under User Names. Put your name to your opinion if it is worth posting.

The lack of a regular daily list posting needs to be remedied very soon or everyone that used to follow the forum will drift off. The old list form of the forum is listing adrift and in danger of sinking.

Not happy Jan.

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