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Here are the latest posts to AusPharmList

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AusPharm CPD: Michael Downing

I may have missed the info somewhere … but the great Continuing Education facility of AusPharmList – will that be incorporated into the AJP setup?


Michael Downing Ph.C., MPS, MAIPC

Locum Pharmacist

**Moderator’s comment: Michael, the ‘old’ AusPharm CPD is still available here – MD**

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Updated poisons reg for chloramphenicol? : Michelle Gerrie

One of my students told me yesterday that as of March 2016, chloramphenicol is S3 for opthalmic use – so no specific mention of conjunctivitis.

Does this mean, we can dispense it for styes etc?

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Re: Do we lose the home page with all the links? : Peter Allen

Alan Freedman wrote:

One of the most useful features of the Auspharmacist website was the title page with all the links, and for that reason many pharmacists used it as their personal home page on their computers. Does the change now mean that we lose this?

**Moderator’s note: Alan, there are a number of links on what was / is the AusPharmacist web address. One of these is to an archive of the ‘old’ page: – MD**


So go to the link that Mark gives here then make THAT your new homepage e.g Firefox /Options /use current page. Tony Wiss created and maintained The Page; I found a couple of additions and spotted some changes. Please APPCo keep it alive — I LOVE the Merck Manual links.

It will be available forever — but frozen — via the Wayback Machine. Try it, a secret resource for some pages that you thought were gone forever.

Peter Allen

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Re: Do we lose the home page with all the links? : Jenny Madden

Alan Freedman wrote: – yes, but I suppose my question is whether or not this page will eventually disappear – and if so, do we then lose the convenience of this resource?


I am really mourning the loss of easy access to my home page; it was great with access to all possible resources in one spot. Is there a way we can keep it, a button to push at our end or is it not that easy?

**Moderator’s note: Jenny, please see Peter Allen’s post on the topic today – MD**

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Re: Opportunity to buy into pharmacy.. Who do I talk to? : Anthony Tassone

… a 30% share of a 1.5 million dollar pharmacy. I want in. Which bank do I talk to about a loan and what are interest rates for rural pharmacies like? I have no clue. Please point me in the right direction.



It looks like there’s a big decision and potential opportunity ahead of you so there are a range of things you need to consider, not just the bank to meet or interest rates.

In terms of banks, there are a range of banks and lending institutions active in the pharmacy market at the moment often with relationship managers dedicated to handling pharmacy accounts.

If your employer is a member of the Pharmacy Guild – try contacting the local state or territory branch to seek guidance on any state based contacts they may be able to refer you to. Otherwise feel free to drop me a line at:

The interest rate that a financial institution will offer is influenced by a number of factors based on the overall level of risk in the investment. Remember, the bank is essentially investing in the borrower in their endeavors. Therefore, it’s difficult to say that the interest rate you should get is ‘x’for a rural pharmacy as there are a number of factors to consider based on the business itself and the person seeking the finance.

The bank or financial institution you apply for finance from could very well want to understand your business plan, and learn more about the pharmacy business and the opportunities to grow, differentiate andgrow future maintainable earnings. It’s an advantage having worked in the business, but the banks have a strong interest in this area as when they loan money – they’re essentially investing in the pharmacy business too.

If a share within the businessis on offer for sale, it’s also important to conduct a due diligence on the opporutnity (to assess a valuation that is conducted, usually by what’s called a ‘Pharmacy broker’who is essentially like a real estate agent specialising in sales and valuations of pharmacy businesses) and I would recommend seeking advice from an accountant with extensive experience in pharmacy.

There are a number of them in our industry which can be suggested. Also, ensure you consider independent legal advice on a partnership agreement which is a document that outlines the terms of how the partnership will operate, exit clauses, valuation methods on sale of the business and much more.

I know the above is a lot to take in but these are some of the things I would recommend you consider.

Good luck.

Anthony Tassone

President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Victoria Branch)

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Re: Meldonium for tennis players and greyhounds: Debbie Rigby

Peter Allen wrote:

This drug that Maria Sharapova was taking, with improved cardiac function…..


Article by Australian pharmacist Mark Stuart and drugs in sport expert provides more information on the drug and the extent of use

Ignorance is never defence.

Debbie Rigby

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Telmisartan, the next big dope? (was Re: Meldonium for tennis players and greyhounds): Bruce Moffat

While reading Debbie Rigby’s link on Meldonium and it’s rather high degree of useage amongst athletes (at least at the Baku 2015 games) my eye was drawn to a rather familiar name in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s monitoring list.


I may have to ditch my ramipril: This link for the Pubmed summary.

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