How multi-millionaire pharmacists manage their time

Australian pharmacy is currently experiencing unprecedented market conditions, so how do you survive, asks Linda Miller?

Most pharmacists recognise the golden goose is no longer laying golden eggs.

But there is still solid revenue to be achieved not only if you serve your community with integrity and care but also if you are nimble and open minded. There are opportunities to grow your business but  you absolutely need to get smart about where you invest your time so you don’t just survive but  thrive and take advantage of some great opportunities that community pharmacies have been presented with.

Most of your pharmacy friends out there are not. They’re either going to get gobbled up, selling for a pittance compared to what their pharmacy is worth or they’re going to have to just close up the shop and walk away.

Do you want to thrive rather than survive?

Click on the image below to watch this short video and discover what you can do to successfully safeguard and grow your community pharmacy:

If you’d like to discover some more quick strategies to help you become a higher performing pharmacy in these specific market conditions, then please feel free to download this great checklist by clicking here

Linda Miller is a Pharmacy Business mentor and organisational psychologist with 30 years’ experience in pharmacy. Linda reinvigorates and increases pharmacy profitability by transforming front of shop sales performance, productivity and profits through proven sales & marketing strategies and by motivating and teaching pharmacy staff how to sell with integrity and maximise their efficiency. She uses proven systems to ethically increase customer base, customer loyalty and basket size. If you’d like to achieve this for yourself, download your free Pharmacy Breakthrough checklist

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