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It’s important to develop healthy habits to boost your pharmacy’s marketing strategies. Sarah Rendell provides some tips 

Habits are vital when it comes to marketing. On average it takes up to ten touch points for a customer to remember a brand. So, establishing habits on content creation and structure for your pharmacy’s marketing is what is going to get you noticed.

Now, you know how every marketer states content is king? Well, structure is most certainly the queen.  So, today we are dedicating a whole blog to chat about structure and how to create it within your marketing plan.

Set marketing frequencies

I see ALL.THE.TIME pharmacies create the most exceptional, engaging and thought out marketing campaign for their pharmacy, it runs for a couple of weeks and then BAM nothing else for another two months. Look we get it; we all fall victim to distractions. However, to see results with your marketing efforts there needs to be a regular frequency.

The best way to do this is to determine how often you want to communicate to customers, how and where. Then set minimums for each channel.

For example: –

  • Four Instagram posts per week
  • Three Facebook posts per week
  • Fortnightly email marketing campaign sent 
  • Monthly catalogue

Once you set the frequencies, you must calculate how much time per week it will take to create the content. Whoever is responsible for the content creation will then have guidelines to follow and understand the time needed to complete.

Create Content Pillars

This is structure gold! Once you determine your content pillars everything makes so much more sense. Content pillars represent relevant topics for your target audiences. Each of your pillars, could be comprised of different types of content such as videos, catalogues, images or something simple as an Instagram post.

Take Peak Strategies for example. Our content pillars include Pharmacy owner educational content, Pharmacy buyer information and marketing advice, just to name a few. We use these pillars to structure the content for our marketing. We need a healthy mix of all our pillars to ensure we are maintaining the interest of our different target audiences.

Content pillars are helpful for pharmacies with not only structure but also ideas for content. A great content pillar structure for pharmacies should be along the lines of education, products, services and promotion. Each facet of your pharmacy should be incorporated into your content pillars. That way what you offer to customers is regularly communicated.

Content pillars is so important for pharmacies that whilst writing this blog I’ve realised it needs its own article, so stay tuned for more on this topic.

Content Calendar

Content pillars, frequencies go hand in hand with a content calendar. When you know what type of content you’re creating and how often, you need to then put that in a calendar. As a pharmacy you are aware of what promotions, stock and key dates months in advance. Therefore, set your content out in a calendar to help provide structure. Your content calendar should incorporate all your marketing including your social media, events, catalogues and any head office marketing.

Understanding your Target Audience

Now this one may have you stalled you for a second. How can understanding your target audience help with structure? Well, the more you know about your customer the easier marketing is. So, by knowing your customers you’re able to quickly decide what will work when promoting to them.

For example, you are organising your marketing frequencies and setting up your content calendar for the next 12 months. You see that your banner group is running a sale on baby products in August and you have the option to send an email campaign to your customers about the promotion. Your customer base, however, are retirees and seniors. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that your customers would appreciate this type of campaign. So, by knowing this, you opt to not include this email campaign but instead ask when there is any baby care promotion, to send an email about your loyalty program instead.

Assign Marketing Tasks to a Team Member

This seems relatively simple however, is often overlooked. When working with clients, I see many pharmacies not appoint anyone to implement marketing within the pharmacy. By appointing someone it will make them accountable to create regular content, motivate the team and look for opportunities. This in short, will help create structure.

This role is a huge responsibility for any team member as they will be ultimately in charge of how your pharmacy will communicate to customers both in and out of the pharmacy. So, be careful with who you assign the role of posting on social media, organising events and creating marketing content etc.

Also, when you have one of your team members responsible for this role make sure it is incorporated into their job description, KPI’s and their weekly duties. Marketing cannot be thrown at someone without being provided the correct resources and time. They also need to be passionate and willing to learn about the world of marketing. If not, then you are better off outsourcing or looking for someone else in the team wanting to learn.

Lastly, please note that just because you’re appointing a team member, it doesn’t mean you’re not involved. Marketing must be a true reflection of your brand, so you must have input.

Still confused?

I get it, setting up a structure can be hard. So, to help you kick start your marketing plan we can send through an example content calendar for August. It will show suggested frequencies and, share some ideas around content pillars for pharmacy. Simply email me on

Sarah Rendell is client communications manager at Peak Strategies, Pharmacy Specialist Chartered Accountants Australia

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