The time has come

Things are not going to miraculously get easier for community pharmacy, so be prepared to work together for results, says Linda Miller 

There’s been a lot of waiting in community pharmacy in the last few years. Waiting for the 6CPA to be finalized, waiting for the remuneration review to be completed, waiting for good times to be returned via support from the government, a slow down on price disclosures, commitment to protect the rights of community pharmacy business owners and patients.

But, guess what? 

It’s not getting any easier.

If you know the famous Samuel Beckett play, “waiting For Godot”, you may see the parallel between Beckett’s characters living out a life in expectation of something or someone to arrive that never does. Meanwhile not paying attention to what’s happening right in front of them, their own lives and experiences. Sound familiar? 

And fair enough, we all tend to live in hope and expectation of things getting better, that’s how the human race has kept going, putting one foot in front of the other, in the hope of a better tomorrow.

But what if you were to have a paradigm shift and choose to be excited that this is how things are and committed, truly committed to either making the radical changes you need to thrive, to be bold and proactive and take calculated risks rather than cautious, change averse and trying to survive. 

To be fair, there are some great community pharmacies in Australia that are kicking goals, right now, even in this market, even in the shadow of the discounters. 

Smart operators study successful competitors and model them. There’s room for more than one business to employ clever strategies. You might even take it to another level or put your own unique twist on it.

The time has come. 

Sit down with your team. Brainstorm. Take up the challenge. 

Your patients need your commitment and your contribution to your local community. It’s not just about prices. Work out how else you can differentiate yourself. Is it the services you offer? Unique skills you or your staff have? Rapport with or specific product ranges for a particular type of customer or patient? 

You have something special. That’s why you’re still in business. 

The time has come to identify it, communicate it to your patients and live it.

Godot isn’t coming!  

Linda Miller is a Pharmacy Business mentor and organisational psychologist with 30 years’ experience in pharmacy. Linda reinvigorates and increases pharmacy profitability by transforming front of shop sales performance, productivity and profits through proven sales & marketing strategies and by motivating and teaching pharmacy staff how to sell with integrity and maximise their efficiency. She uses proven systems uniquely designed for and suited to pharmacy staff and customers to ethically increase customer base, customer loyalty and basket size. If you’d like to discuss this and any other aspects of your business, get reassurance on what you’re doing well or look at avenues of where you could improve, please feel welcome to book an introductory session with Linda via


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