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  1. JimT

    I think the elephant in the room is the word “cannabis” and hence it’s implied association with recreationally used version, separate to medicinal cannabis. It is well over due for the medicinal form be given it’s own name and treated as a drug in it’s own right. Should stop the bad press and confusion brought about by those less informed yet reporting on this sensitive yet important situation.

    • Ronky

      Cannabis is cannabis, regardless of what it’s used for.

  2. What an appallingly ignorant article. It is shocking that someone who holds themselves out a an expert can be so badly misinformed.

    The therapeutic effects of cannabinoid medicine are well established in peer reviewed research as coming from the ‘entourage effect’, synergy between a range of cannabinoids and terpenes. However, specifically in the case of epilepsy, the cannabinoid that is showing remarkable results is not THC but cannabidiol (CBD) which is non-psychoactive.

    I am afraid that by failing to grasp this elementary fact the writer has let his prejudice against cannabis medicine overrule scientific rigour.

    This is dreadful misinformation and needs complete revision.

    • JimT

      as I mentioned above……the whole medical cannabis scenario has been handled badly from the outset….with mis-information and continual corrections needing to be put out their for the lay-person….the sooner this is fixed the better for everybody

    • Ronky

      Thanks for your emotive opinion, but I’ll stick with the conclusions of the Cochrane review if you don’t mind.

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