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  1. Ivan Goldberg

    Congratulations to Prof Roller for his fine article on glaucoma. It is commendable to have pharmacists’ awareness of this group of conditions enhanced in this way.

    Recognising that 50% of glaucoma sufferers are undiagnosed and not on treatment for a condition that causes irreversible and progressive visual damage, and as the peak community organisation for glaucoma, Glaucoma Australia ( aims to eliminate glaucoma visual disability by:
    1) increasing community awareness of the need for regular eye checks to detect the condition earlier;
    2) increasing awareness among first degree relatives of glaucoma sufferers, who have a ten-fold increased risk of glaucoma themselves (23% lifetime risk), to have regular eye checks;
    3) supporting patients on treatment with information and guidance to improve the often poor adherence to medical treatments;
    4) advocating for patients with health authorities; and
    5) supporting research to improve all management options.

    To achieve this, Glaucoma Australia works closely with pharmacists (as well as ophthalmologists, general practitioners and optometrists) to encourage interaction with patients with adherence-promoting strategies and to inform their first-degree relatives of the need for eye checks.

    Any and all help pharmacists are able to extend in these areas is effective and meaningful.

    Ivan Goldberg
    Clinical Associate Professor, Discipline of Ophthalmology, University of Sydney
    Head, Glaucoma Unit, Sydney Eye Hospital
    Director, Eye Associates

  2. Geoff Pollard

    Pharmacists can refer people with glaucoma to Glaucoma Australia for glaucoma education, eye drop training and emotional support. Give our number (1800 500 880 free call) for people to talk to a Glaucoma Australia Educator.

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