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  1. A Collins

    Summertime is always a good time to spot skin cancers as males and females dress lightly and larger areas of their body are visible
    In my years at my previous 7 day Pharmact one Sunday incident clearly stays in my mind
    A young couple in their early 20’s came in – she in bikins and he just in bathers.
    As they were leaving I noticed a patch on his back, stopped him had a closer look and strongly advised him to see his Doctor ASAP. From his response I knew he probably would do nothing. I turned to his partner and asked her if she loved hime – she was startled and replied “of course” – I told her if she wanted him around for a long life she had to make him see a Doctor the next day
    A week later they returned to thank me for saving his life – his GP had immediately sent him to a specialist who operated next day and removed a rather deep BCC
    The prognosis without surgery was not good and you could see he had just had the biggest scare of his life
    Females will almost always take action when advised to seek professional help from their Doctor

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