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  1. Thelma King Thiel

    It is distressing to see how we’ve failed for decades to educate about the dangers
    of obesity and many other food and lifestyle choices that impact their liver
    Many individuals grow up with the mentality that their bodies are invincible. In
    reality, their body and especially their liver, needs them to know how to
    protect it from liver rreated diseases through the use of alcohol, drugs,
    unhealthy food and lifestyle choices.

    Providing the rationale for changing behaviors is missing. Preventative education
    starting at an early age, is essential to bringing liver related diseases under
    Unfortunately, because the liver is a non-complaining organ most Americans are unaware of the
    liver and the miracles it performs 24/7. They are clueless about the
    devastating impact their unhealthy food and lifestyle choices can have on this
    life sustaining organ.

    The liver has zillions of liver cells serving as the body’s micro-chips, converting
    food into hundreds of essential body functions including producing energy,
    immune factors, digestive juices (bile), clotting factors, excretion of toxins
    (alcohol, drugs, pollutants), control of cholesterol and hundreds more. Liver
    cells are the employees in your personal chemical refinery.

    Making healthy food and lifestyle choices, including limited use of fats, sugar, carbs,
    alcohol, plus daily exercise will help keep liver cells healthy and your body
    in good shape. Ask your healthcare provider to check the status of your silent
    partner, your liver. It could save your life.

    If any of this information has been helpful to you, please share it with family,
    friends, and especially teachers.

  2. Health Kick

    This is a great article which breaks down the stigmas of obesity and presents the raw facts – something which we, as a society, need to step up and start paying attention to!

    In what is an issue of growing concern, the prevalence of obesity amongst the country’s youth (12-18-year-olds) is on the rise – and it seems that the next generation of young Aussies are growing elder with the belief that it’s ‘okay’ to be overweight. One in every four Australian children are overweight or obese and this is a figure that – if current trends are an indication – is set only to worsen.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that the numbers of young Australians participating in recreational sport is lessening – and that’s a trend that will stand to hold the demographic in a poorer state of health.

    Education, in ways much similar to the information presented in this article, stands as vital in turning the tables on obesity in Australia.

    We’re looking to educate the country’s youth on the importance and benefits of good health!


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