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  1. Catherine Groenlund

    There is currently a childrens dental schem for 2-17yrs for families tax group A which allows children to visit any dentist private or public and medicare pays up to limit of $1000 over 2 years. Go to dentist and they will check eligibility with medicare office. Comprehensive services are provided by the dentist. Often people are not aware it is available. Go for a check before the symtoms arise to prevent and learn how to take care of risks.

  2. Geraldine Moses

    As some readers may know, I am employed by the Australian Dental Association to provide a medicines information and advisory service to ADA members nationally. There are so many areas where I believe pharmacists could be better supporting their clients and dentists with oral health issues. One area is documenting the patient’s medication list properly. Dentists tend to rely on patients remembering what they are on or they have blind faith in a list from the GP, and we all know they are never 100% accurate. So lately I have been recommending dentists refer their clients to a pharmacy for a Medscheck , so the pharmacist can be paid for creating a comprehensive medicines list ( as well as assess for any problems) and then the patient can take that list to all their health providers. Other things include monitoring for adverse drug reactions that manifest in the mouth and ensuring that patients consult a dentist before commencing any medicine that increases risk for ONJ, of which there are now about six classes of medication( anything anti-angiogenic) , particularly denosumab.

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