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  1. lbhajdu1 .

    I told my pharmacist when he asked if I wanted a flu shot, that if he wanted to be a drug pusher he should start a meth lab. That scum-bag pharmacist never had the nerve to look me in the eye again. It was priceless!

  2. Karalyn Huxhagen

    Where I work influenza has been particularly severe this year with illness leading to pneumonia, hospitalisation and severe respiratory distress. This strain has affected all age groups and we have had several people collapse in the pharmacy as they are very ill. The loss of earnings in a fragile economy like ours is a significant issue. People push themselves to go to work as not attending work means your job is no longer there. Times are very tight in my community. Your decision not to be immunised by the pharmacist is your own. I wold hope that you allowed someone else to immunise you. In many countries it would be the pharmacist or advanced technician. The effectiveness of immunisation relies on reaching the largest amount of people as possible. Your choice is yours but I would not employ you in the GP Superclinic if you refuse vaccination.

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