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  1. Paul Francis

    OK. I will give you the answer to the question. I will waive the $100k you could waste on consultants to give you the answer. Here it is: until we come up with a job title other than ‘pharmacist’, certain sections will automatically oppose us doing things like this. They can’t help it. Their thinking, that pharmacists are only good for putting a label on a box, is just too ingrained. So let’s think of another title for a pharmacist wanting to do clinical things other people don’t want us to. How about ‘Medicinal Care Consultant’? Let’s hear any other alternative names you have. Maybe avoid the use of any form of the word ‘pharm’ – it’s a dead giveaway. Come on. We can do this.

  2. breenj

    Point well made. Special provisions for veterans are hollow unless the services made available can be delivered. What is not stated is the distance to the “next-nearest” G.P. Someone might be willing to travel to see this person infrequently and be happy with infrequent visits in the knowledge that the local pharmacist is the contact person “on the ground”. It might only need a phone call to the next town; an interested G.P. is probably more important than a local G.P. Veterans associations often have knowledge of those sympathetic to their needs.
    Having worked in rural areas, I find it astounding that medical practitioners are let loose in the countryside with zero knowledge of Australian institutions and their roles.
    Current city based obstetrician; former rural G.P.

  3. Dion Stella

    It is a little hard to join the conversation without knowing all the specifics (my suggestions may already have been tried), but I can definitely understand the frustration of not being able to help an eligible patient due to red tape.
    All I can suggest is to remember we are not alone. Maybe one Pharmacist can not trigger the reaction process needed by the Patient. But that Pharmacist can have the ability to start the processes needed by involving other health care professionals. My suggestion is to contact the Community Health and even the Social Worker from the Allied Health team (at the local service hub Hospital). In this case it would be Emerald Hospital. I have previously worked for the CHHHS an can assure you their staff are very proactive is finding solutions.
    Introducing the Chronic Disease Nurse and the Social Worker should lead to the patient being flagged. In my experience, this rapidly leads to progression of the case – hopefully to the desired outcome for the Patient.
    We are way more effective as a team, than as individuals. The team should be all health professionals – not just our Pharmacist buddies.
    I hope this helps

    • Dion Stella

      I should have also mentioned that if you would like assistance in this matter, I can be contacted at work (07) 4992 7036. Whilst am I no longer an employee of the CHHHS, I am still an employee of the parent CQHHS. I know the processes and some of the staff if you would like me to try and intervene.

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