Maximising your DAA business

Pharmacist with a DAA and senior patient

Even if you think you can’t grow it more, there are ways to increase your DAA business, writes Stephenie Shea

As traditional pharmacy revenue streams decline in value, community pharmacies need to embrace other revenue channels such as the professional services initiatives funded under the 6CPA. One of the most heavily funded programs continues to be the delivery of Dose Administration Aids (DAAs).

Pharmacists pride themselves on their delivery of medication and professional advice, and what better way to make a patient’s life easier than introducing them to a DAA? These are designed to assist consumers in the community to better manage their medicines, with the objective of avoiding medication misadventure and improving medication compliance.

It’s a common misconception to assume that DAAs are only suited for the older population, but with life these days being generally stressful and time-poor, these products are really a good fit for any person with a busy lifestyle.

Remuneration reports from the 6CPA continue to indicate that DAA services in community pharmacies are being under-utilised, and there is still a big potential for pharmacies to deliver this service to the population who are taking five or more medications.

Some pharmacies may feel that they’ve reached a cap for their customer base, but there are some key points to consider which may help to grow DAA volume.

  • Planning is critical, and it’s important to review the current resources in your store that are used to provide the service. Consider your existing workflow from beginning to end, as this helps to identify each step of the process and to highlight any problem areas and remove any unnecessary steps. This will help with efficiencies when your DAA volume begins to grow.
  • Ensure the staff involved in packing are well-trained and know how to manage the scripts required for each customer and any follow-ups required with their doctor. The checking of DAAs and the time this is done is a key point to consider. Allocating specific day(s) and times to complete this task can reduce errors and improve overall time spent on checking as it can reduce disruption.
  • Your pharmacy staff play an important role in expanding the DAA business. Appointing a champion can help to drive overall growth and motivate staff and remember to ensure all team members understand the features and advantages of a DAA. More importantly, acknowledging the customer’s needs for a better health solution and shaping the benefits of a DAA uniquely to the customer’s needs will help them understand the value of the service and can help improve their medication management.

These practical tips can help your pharmacy set some monthly targets to grow your DAA business to enable you to gain more from the 6CPA government funding, as well as improving medication management with your customers and overall patient health outcomes.

Stephenie Shea is a qualified pharmacist and National Professional Services & Pharmaceuticals Manager for Discount Drug Stores Franchise Support Office.

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