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Medication Management in Frail Older People

Frailty is a geriatric condition associated with increased vulnerability to adverse drug events and medication-related harm. This consensus comprises 7 principles for clinical practice, 6 principles for research, and 4 principles for education. These principles can be used in conjunction with existing best practice guidelines to help achieve optimal health outcomes for this vulnerable population.

JAMDA 2021;22:43-9.

Anticholinergic Burden Measures Predict Older People’s Physical Function and Quality of Life

A systematic review of 13 studies supports an association between increased anticholinergic burden and future impairments in physical function and quality of life. Various tools have been developed including Anticholinergic Cognitive Burden Scale, Anticholinergic Drug Scale, Anticholinergic Risk Scale, Clinician Rated Anticholinergic Score, and the anticholinergic domain of the Drug Burden Index. There was no evidence to support one measure being superior to another.

JAMDA 2021;22:56-64.

Anticholinergic Drug Burden and Delirium

A systematic review of 16 studies shows an association between anticholinergic drug burden with delirium and delirium severity. The findings suggest that the Anticholinergic Risk Scale might be a useful tool to identify patients at increased risk for delirium. The Anticholinergic Risk Scale grades the anticholinergic potential of over 500 drugs.

JAMDA 2021;22:65-73.

Factors associated with the intensity of government remunerated and unremunerated service provision in community pharmacies

A questionnaire to over 200 community pharmacies in WA has revealed drivers of government remunerated MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck service frequencies per month and unremunerated asthma screening, blood glucose testing, cholesterol testing and smoking cessation disease state management service frequencies per week. Important factors included the availability of pharmacy interns, and pharmacists being capable and ready to provide the services.

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, 30 December 2020.

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