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Integration of non-dispensing pharmacists into primary healthcare services

This umbrella review and narrative synthesis suggest that the integration of non-dispensing pharmacists has a positive effect on patient outcomes in primary care. Pharmacist interventions had a positive effect on blood pressure, reduced HbA1c, LDL cholesterol, CV risk scores and improved prescribing quality. Positive effects on medication-related problems and medication adherence were reported.

Australian Journal of General Practice 2021;50(6):403-8.

When the eyes are dry: An algorithm approach and management in general practice

Dry eye disease (DED) is a common condition frequently encountered yet underdiagnosed in primary care. It can lead to significant morbidity, affecting quality of life. This article discusses validated symptom questionnaires, such as the ocular surface disease index and five-item dry-eye questionnaire, to aid in diagnosing and grading the severity of dry eye disease.

Australian Journal of General Practice 2021;50(6):369-76.

Medical cannabis and driving

The aim of this article is to briefly review the scientific evidence regarding cannabis and driving impairment and discuss current legal issues affecting patients. The effects of THC on driving are generally modest and appear similar to the effects of low-dose alcohol. CBD-only medications appear to pose no traffic safety risk, although CBD is unlikely to ameliorate THC-induced impairment.

Australian Journal of General Practice 2021;50(6):357-62.


Medicinal cannabis use in palliative care

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of current research on the use of medicinal cannabis within the palliative care context for both children and adults. Medicinal cannabis should not be used as a first-line agent for the management of pain, nausea and other specific symptoms as there are standard management regimens of proven benefit. It may have a place as an adjuvant or complementary role in symptom management.

Australian Journal of General Practice 2021;50(6):363-8.

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