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Alice hashiguchi

AJP speaks with Alice Hashiguchi, Pharmacy Student of the Year for 2019

Alice Hashiguchi from the University of Western Australia won the 2019 PSA Mylan Pharmacy Student of the Year (PSOTY) Award, announced at the PSA19 Gala Dinner in Sydney last week.

Ms Hashiguchi is now setting her sights on a hospital internship role in WA.

Here we chat with her further about her experiences and thoughts about pharmacy.

1. Have you had any work experience so far and if so, what has that been like?

I am currently working at Pharmacy 777 in Applecross Village which provides a variety of services including wound care. I have loved working at the service orientated pharmacy, and it has been amazing to experience the opportunity of building rapport with patients. It is such a nice moment when a patient remembers your name and updates you on their life and health matters.

As the pharmacy specialises in wound care, I have been able to witness the incredible healing process over time, and have been able to recognise how big a role a pharmacist can have in improving a patients quality of life by addressing their health concerns.

2. As a student and upcoming intern, what are your perceptions about the pharmacy industry at the moment?

I believe that the pharmacy industry is currently undergoing a lot of evolution in terms of the roles and credit pharmacists receives. With pharmacists in Western Australia now able to administer core vaccinations to 16 year olds and over, it is great to see the pharmacy industry playing a bigger role in areas such as population health, antimicrobial stewardship and medication management.

I hope that the pharmacy industry continues to widen their scope of practice, and that pharmacists are recognised for their evolving role to provide patient centred care that maximises the quality use and safety of medications.

3. What was the most interesting part about your pharmacy uni course?

Overall I think the most interesting part about my course was being able to meet so many pharmacists from such different areas of practice. At the start of my degree I was only aware of community and hospital pharmacists, but throughout my course I have been exposed to the different areas of pharmacy and been able to meet pharmacists including academics, researchers, diabetes educators and pharmacy owners.

4. What are you most looking forward to in a professional sense?

I am extremely excited to enter a profession that is currently evolving immensely. I am most excited about being in a workplace where my roles and responsibilities are constantly changing to maximise the patient’s care. I cannot wait to interact with patients and see firsthand the impact we as pharmacists have on a patients life.

5. Are there any current topics of interest for pharmacist students, and if so what are they?

I believe that the topics of interest for pharmacist students stems around PSA’s Pharmacists in 2023: Roles and Remuneration report. It is exciting to see that the work of pharmacists is not being underappreciated; rather moving forward to recognise their skills and expertise. It is also interesting to note the widening scope of practice, as it means that we as future pharmacists are not limited to just community and hospital pharmacy.

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