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  1. JimT

    with all due respect,when are pharmacist wages going to reflect what we do now, before we start giving “accredited” assistants more, just saying…..we have enough battles going on now without possibly creating an internal one……watch our “enemies” play into this one…..divide and conquer….we need to be very carefull.

    • Paul Sapardanis

      Unfortunately Jim as long as discounting continues wages cannot rise. The benefits of competitive prices to patients is at the expense of a professional wage to pharmacists.

      • Michael Post

        Paul raises the very reason the best minds have left or are planning their move out of the profession. It is possible to make more money doing almost anything other than working as an employee pharmacist in the current community system . The experience and quality leaving the profession is a testament to the failure of the system and will have significant impact on the continuing alarming rate of hospital admission due to medicine misadventure,

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