What publications does the AJP publish?

The AJP publishes several publications:

1. The Australian Journal of Pharmacy: The AJP is the nation’s longest-running and highest-circulating print publication to the pharmacy sector. It continues, through innovation and quality journalism, to be pharmacists’ trusted source of pharmacy-related news.

The AJP is published monthly (excluding January), and is distributed at the beginning of the month.

The AJP is delivered directly to pharmacists who are members of PDL. PDL is a national professional body for Australian pharmacists that provides Professional Indemnity insurance.

Click here for further details on how to subscribe to the AJP.

2. The AJP e-mag is published monthly as per the AJP print publication, and is made available at the same time as the AJP print publication, at the beginning of the month.

The AJP e-mag can be accessed by Australian and NZ pharmacists via the AJP website. Pharmacists who are not PDL members can subscribe to the AJP e-mag here.

Pharmacy students may also subscribe to the AJP emag for free. 

PDL members can access the AJP e-mag from the members’ section of the PDL website.

Click here to discover the AJP e-mag.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the AJP e-mag requires different login details from the website.

3. The AJP website is ‘News Central’ for pharmacists and the pharmacy sector in general.

It’s where all our stories are housed – some 35 per week – and where we poll our readership on the issues that affect them. For more info about the website including registration, click here.

On the website you can also find the AJP Forum – a secure place for pharmacists to share ideas on the burning topics of the day, many of which are generated by our articles. Access to the Forum requires website registration.

Our growing range of high quality CPD-accredited offerings are also online – including audio – with options to complete CPD activities and print or save certificates of completion. Access to CPD activities requires website registration.

4. The AJP Daily e-newsletter is delivered into your email inbox six days per week, Monday to Saturday inclusive. It is published by the AJP’s team of journalists and expert commentators. It keeps pharmacists connected and up-to-date across the widest range of political, business, regulatory and clinical topics.

Click here for more details about the AJP Daily and to sign up.

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