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If it were possible and I had my time over again, my dream pharmacy would be one where we are paid to counsel on lifestyle choices as per this link. Throw in an awesome ‘ Green Smoothie Bar” with coupons provided by Medicare for those in need. Co-operating with GPs to deprescribe and save dollars on the PBS.If we are all honest with ourselves, we know our reliance on drugs to maintain health has gone overboard and need not be this way. Medication of course has its place but preventative care is paramount.

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  1. Trail Blazer

    That would be my dream pharmacy too. Going back to the good old days as my father said recently where he then told us about how in the 30’s – 40’s England he would go to his family Pharmacist who would then dispense herbal cough mixtures and tinctures for whatever it was that ailed you and it worked! No placebo, no mind over matter, the stuff worked – along with a healthy lifestyle change and it didn’t have side effects which then required more medications to fix the side effects. Fast forward to now, drugs making money for big companies and shareholders, people getting sicker especially when there is a pill for every little thing that could go wrong and they are being dished out like lollies in a candy store. No wonder people are so sick and dropping like flies. GP’s would never take up the nutrition advice unfortunately. Surrounded by a number of GP’s who believe that obesity is from not exercising enough (nothing to do with food), they think that people are just lazy and fat. Sad really. I think ignorance and arrogance are diseases which need to be fixed too!

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