How do you want to practice in five years time?

The PSA, in conjunction with a collaborative research team being led by Griffith and Monash Universities, have launched the pharmacist workforce survey PAMELA. It’s your chance to have your say and make a difference – every voice counts!

The aim of the survey is to better understand the current work decisions, preferences and job satisfaction levels of pharmacists and what factors are key in making decisions.

“Pharmacists practice in a range of roles and environments across Australia” says Dr Jean Spinks, who is leading the research team. “Work decisions are more than just about pay and conditions. Family and personal circumstances, location and professional roles are also important. We want to better understand what is motivating pharmacists to make their work decisions and how policy change can enhance their job satisfaction and promote work/life balance. Without this information, we do not know what the bulk of the pharmacist workforce want”.

One of the key actions from PSA’s Pharmacists in 2023 report calls for the development of a national approach to workforce planning, including engagement with systems to measure trends and the impact of the pharmacist workforce on health outcomes, to support decision making and inform workforce capacity and development needs. “It is critical that you have your say to help guide the future of the pharmacy workforce, I strongly urge you to participate” says PSA President Chris Freeman.

Anyone with a pharmacy degree, even if they are not registered or practising, is eligible to participate so that we can better understand why some people choose to leave the profession.  

Pharmacy schools are also supporting the survey by alerting alumni to the survey. “It is just as essential to know why people leave the profession as why they stay” says Prof Lisa Nissen, Head of the Health Faculty at QUT. “Pharmacy schools are training the pharmacists of the future – we need to adapt our curriculum to be relevant to the changing practice of pharmacy”.

We also want to hear from pharmacists who are practicing in a non-traditional role, as well as in rural and remote locations.

PAMELA will be open until the end of November. “More participation from pharmacists means better informed policy development. We are all busy – however, by setting aside 15-20 minutes of time to directly communicate what is important to you can make a huge difference to the future of pharmacy.
It’s time to have your say”.

Please access the survey by clicking on the following link: 

More information about PAMELA and who is involved can be found here:


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  1. actnowpharmacists

    You press the link for “More information” and be greeted with “Page not found”.
    Also i tried to complete the survey and in the end it said “Thank you, you are not eligible for this survey”. I I am an AHPRA registered practicing Pharmacist.
    What a ruse! PSA and others involved in this so called survey.
    Pharmacists in Australia very much need an industrial action to bring about any changes to the exploitation of Pharmacists workforce.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      sounds like you don’t know how to operate a web browser…

      • actnowpharmacists

        Jarrod. Please don’t be a jerk and discourteous. What you just did is classic trolling.

        Just let us know if its working for you. Could’ve been my error but I checked it again and the link “” doesn’t provide you with any more info. It leads to “Page not found”.

  2. Paul Sapardanis

    Shouldn’t it be how our patients wan th us to practise rather than how we want to practise?

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