More rewarding CPD for pharmacists

April marks the half-way point of the continuing professional development (CPD) year, which makes it a good time to review your plan, reflect on what you’ve already achieved and seek further learning opportunities. Ensure you select a range of CPD activities that address competencies relevant to your scope of practice as identified in your CPD plan.

It’s worth remembering that certain types of CPD activities can earn you 3 credits per hour.

Undertaking activities that involve quality improvement, self-reflection and self-assessment are of higher value. This type of learning experience is therefore recognised as a Group 3 activity and accredited with the highest rate of CPD credits per hour. 

When you enrol in a Group 3 activity you’ll not only be participating in an enriching and high-quality learning experience, you’ll also be earning more CPD credits for each hour you invest. 

If you’re not on track to reach your required 40 credits for this year, a Group 3 activity may be just what you’re looking for.

By completing just one NPS MedicineWise Pharmacy Practice Review, where you reflect on 10 encounters with patients, you can earn 24 CPD credits. That’s 60% of your annual requirement in just one activity.

Pharmacy Practice Reviews from NPS MedicineWise are free and suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan. They focus on common conditions, ensuring they are relevant to most pharmacists. Some of the more recent topics include:

  • PPIs in GORD: Supporting patients to step down
  • Statins: promoting adherence, addressing intolerance
  • COPD: demonstrating devices, evaluating medicines
  • Depression: Supporting quality use of antidepressants
  • Type 2 diabetes: a patient-centred approach

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