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Calls to restrict analgesics to S3, concerns over pharmacy only range ‘leakage’, debates over advertising medicines! Welcome to July 1970

Should the advertising of pharmaceuticals to the public be stopped?

This was the first line in the editorial of the July 1970 edition of AJP (print, of course)

“The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain thinks so, and submissions to the Australian
Senate Select Committee on Drug Trafficking and Abuse say so, too,” the editorial said. 

“Their argument is that these therapeutic substances are potentially dangerous or lethal,
and uninformed “lay” people ought not self-prescribe them.

No drug is completely “safe”. Neither, of course, are kitchen knives, power drills, or, even, the air many of us breathe. Obviously, caution, education and continuing improvement are needed with all potentially dangerous commodities—and here lies the answer to our question.

Advertising of pharmaceuticals can help educate the public to their proper use, and at
the same time continue to sell effectively—if more carefully”.

Meanwhile, other news articles included a call for stricter controls on analgesics, with a Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria submission to a Senate select committee urging “stricter control on ‘over-detailed reporting in the mass media of brand names and clinical detail of drugs used for suicides and other forms of drug trafficking and abuse”.

“Modern drugs were increasing in potency and were used in doses which did not permit much latitude,” the submission said, calling for analgesics to be all included in Schedule 3.

Among other stories in the issue:

  • “A SCHEME being developed in NSW could bring an end to Australian pharmacy’s notorious lack of trading figures and general business statistics”.
  • “TOP – LEVEL action against leakages of major Chemist-Only lines to open outlets in Gippsland (Victoria) has succeeded in closing one outlet and promises early closure of another”.
  • And concern over Pharmaceutical Society members not turning up to functions – “Society Members: Snap Out of That APATHY!….. WHY didn’t yon go to the last Society function? Or the one before that?”

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