Data Improves Outcomes for Patients, for Pharmacies and for the Healthcare Industry

Big data is a hot topic in the Australian healthcare industry. With the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare collecting and storing government generated health data, as well as private industry collating their own data sets, it is important to acknowledge its significance in the health outcomes of Australian society.[1] As a key Australian healthcare provider, Community Pharmacy is perfectly placed to connect with both the patient and the wider health industry through data.

In partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, GuildLink is at the forefront of developing data collation, storage and integration in the pharmacy space – bringing Pharmacy into the future of data driven health and connected care. GuildCare NG and compatible patient app myPharmacyLink, are designed to help pharmacists use data to improve the health outcomes of patients, their business and the community.    


GuildCare NG, Data and Your Pharmacy

Data collected through the GuildCare NG professional service platform can be used to increase value of care provided to patients. Pharmacists are able to use patient insights gained through data collected in-pharmacy and through other sources, like the myHealthRecord to better connect with patient’s needs, improve decision making and provide patients with a more effective care.

When analysed using “smart” technology, like the GuildCare NG, data collected from patient interactions present trends and insights that provides you with the knowledge that helps your business work more effectively. For example, data from your professional service implementation enables you to improve your business’ performance against internal KPIs and year on year statistics, as well as highlights areas where your business can grow. 


GuildCare NG, Data and the Wider Health Industry

Data collected by Community Pharmacy through GuildCare NG, links with data collected by other healthcare practitioners to provide key insights into health trends. Enabling the Australian healthcare industry and government to take an evidence based approach to specific health issues and can help to enable positive health outcomes.

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[1] Ian N Oliver, The Medical Journal of Australia – Linking data to improve health outcomes –

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