One Platform, One Solution for Community Pharmacy

Developed with Community Pharmacy, for Community Pharmacy the one Platform, one Solution GuildCare NG and integrated patient app, myPharmacyLink, provides pharmacy one easy to use toolset that drives patient care, fosters patient loyalty and enhances the role of pharmacy as an integral Australian healthcare provider.

Make patient care streamlined and cost effective, while enhancing the role your pharmacy plays in the healthcare of your patients with one platform, one solution – GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink.


Deliver Quality Patient Interactions through One Platform

The GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink – One Platform, One Solution goes beyond the delivery of Professional Services to provide a patient care solution that encompasses all the in-pharmacy health needs of your patients. Through one platform pharmacist staff can easily:

  • Deliver Australia’s largest range, and expanding range of Professional Services
  • Engage in open communication with patients
  • Manage all patient bookings, appointments and care schedules 
  • Access the platform from anywhere instore and out
  • Implement and track effective patient care plans
  • and more….
  • Manage incoming script refill and dispense schedules, via your branded myPharmacyLink app



Understand Your Patient’s Health Needs with One Patient Centric Solution

The patient is at the centre of every GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink interaction. GuildCare NG provides pharmacist staff one platform to see a clear and overall picture of the patient’s health, dispense and services history. As part of the One Platform, One Solution myPharmacyLink patients are able to track in-pharmacy health interactions, order medication refills and see script owings, as well as better understand the medications they take and the role their local pharmacy has in their health journey.


Use One Platform to engage in Open, Two-way Communication with Your Patients

Industry research advocates that patients are becoming more empowered and engaged in their healthcare. Maintaining valuable patient communication and engagement is essential to delivering effective patient care and empowering your patients. GuildCare NG provides Community Pharmacy with one platform to manage all avenues of patient communication outside the pharmacy, eliminating the needs for additional communications platforms. Based on individual patient preference pharmacist staff can communicate through, sms, voice calls, email or via the fully integrated patient app – myPharmacyLink. 


Eliminate the need to use and pay for multiple platforms to deliver valuable high quality patient care. The GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink – One Platform, One Solution will streamline the delivery of patient care services and patient communications in your pharmacy.


Visit to discover the One Platform, One Solution from Australia’s industry leading Professional Services and most trusted patient communication provider – GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink.

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