The systemic approach to dry eye lubrication

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One in five Australians – almost 5 million people – live with dry eye and of these, 800,000 suffer from severe dry eye4.

An aging population living longer than ever before contributes to an increasing incidence of dry eye, but environmental conditions are also a factor.

The growing use of computers in air conditioned environments can promote the incidence of dry eye, and the hot, dry Australian climate also contributes to increased tear evaporation.

HYLO®-FRESH and HYLO-FORTE® eye drops provide relief for dry eyes through a systematic approach that is centred on a revolutionary multi-dose device.

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The patented COMOD® (COntinuous MOno Dose) application system protects the sodium hyaluronate solution from contaminated ambient air, and ensures the precisely measured delivery of at least 300 sterile drops without the use of preservatives.

This ingenious airless system ensures use for up to 6 months after opening, and with at least 150 treatments (both eyes) it provides at least five times more treatments per pack than single-use preservative-free eye drops currently available in Australia.*

The HYLO® range is also phosphate-free which is important for patients suffering pronounced corneal damage.

The use of phosphate-containing eye preparations can result in damaging corneal calcification as a result of calcium phosphate precipitation in these patients, and can be avoided through the use of the phosphate-free HYLO® range.

HYLO-FRESH® eye drops (sodium hyaluronate 0.1% w/v, 10mL) offer long-lasting lubrication for dry eyes of moderate or medium severity, while the increased concentration of sodium hyaluronate in HYLO-FORTE® (sodium hyaluronate 0.2% w/v, 10mL) results in a higher viscosity solution for long-lasting, intensive and soothing relief of severe or chronic dry eye.

Both products are suitable for use following surgery, and can be used with all contact lenses.

For more information about HYLO-FRESH® and HYLO-FORTE® contact AFT Pharmaceuticals on 1800 2387 4276 or visit


*Based on the largest available pack size of single use preservative-free eye drops available in Australia as at 1st August 2017.

References: 1. “Experts Demand New Dry Eye Approach”. MiVision 2014; 88: 7-8.


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