TRU NIAGEN®: a new cutting-edge supplement to boost NAD+

The world’s first patented form of nicotinamide riboside (NR) — a novel form of vitamin B3—is now available as an easy-to-administer oral supplement for the first time in Australian pharmacy.

Tru Niagen®, formulated with NR, is set to revolutionise how we tackle cellular health thanks to recent discoveries about the role of the vital co-enzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) in cellular metabolism.

Awareness of NAD+ has been around for many decades, but it is only more recently that its role as the central mediator of metabolism has been more widely appreciated and understood, with NAD+ being involved in more than 500 chemical reactions in the cell.

Nicotinamide riboside is an NAD+ precursor, meaning when ingested, it is converted to NAD+ in the body.1 NAD+ is vitally important to cellular function and metabolism as it is the molecule responsible for turning nutrients into cellular energy and repairing cellular damage from physiologic stressors.

Impact of ageing

While NAD+ levels are plentiful while young, they start to decline as we move into middle age and can drop by as much as 50% between the ages of 40 and 60.2

In addition to a natural decline with age, environmental and physiological stressors such as excess caloric intake (over eating and/or drinking) can deplete NAD+ levels. Importantly, when NAD+ levels are low, the body’s cells have a harder time producing the energy they need to maintain good health as we age.2,3

Supporting cellular health

Tru Niagen® increases NAD+ levels when administered orally; providing longer-term support for cellular energy levels and metabolism, giving all cells the opportunity and support for ongoing repair and regeneration.

The research and science behind NR continues to impress, with eight published human studies, upwards of 40 ongoing human studies and more than 100 preclinical studies to date. Adding weight to the rigorous research being carried out across the globe, is Tru Niagen’s Scientific Advisory Board which is led by City of Hope National Medical Centre chair Professor Charles Brenner. The Scientific Advisory Board boasts a number of world-leading research scientists spanning the fields of biochemistry, structural biology and neurology, with two of its members being Nobel prize winners from Cambridge and Stanford Universities.

NAD+ declines up to 50% between ages 40-60

Tru Niagen® increases NAD+ by 40–50% after 8 weeks

Tru Niagen® increases NAD+ levels to support1-3:

  • tissue repair and regeneration;
  • metabolism; energy levels; and
  • general health and wellbeing.

Dosage and administration

One capsule (300mg) every morning or evening with or without food. Each capsule contains 300mg of Niagen® (nicotinamide riboside chloride)

Formulated without nuts or gluten, caffeine-free, no artificial colours and flavours, and does not contain animal by-products.4


Vitamins and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
Always read the label. If symptoms persist consult a healthcare professional. Follow the directions for use. ARTG 328365.

For more information go to or email

Tru Niagen® is trademark of ChromaDex Corporation. Tru Niagen is manufactured in the US by the patent holders.


1 Conze D, Brenner C, Kruger CL. Safety and Metabolism of Long-term Administration of NIAGEN (Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride) in a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial of Healthy Overweight Adults. Sci Rep. 2019;9(1):9772. Published 2019 Jul 5. doi:10.1038/s41598-

2 Massudi H, Grant R, Braidy N, Guest J, Farnsworth B, Guillemin GJ (2012) Age-Associated Changes In Oxidative Stress and NAD+ Metabolism In Human Tissue. PLoS ONE 7(7): e42357.

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4 Information on file

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