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Hear This

Welcome to our continuing professional development (CPD) series titled ‘Hear This’. As the name suggests, ‘Hear This’ is CPD presented in audio file format.

We recognise that pharmacists are busy people who like to multitask. This audio presentation recognises there are different types of learners including those whose preferred learning mode is auditory.

Auditory learning is a learning style in which a person learns by hearing, listening and verbalising. Auditory learners prefer patterned sounds and words. If you are an auditory learner you understand and remember things you have heard. You store information by the way it sounds, and you have an easier time understanding spoken instructions than written ones.

This delivery method is great for busy and time poor pharmacists. You can download the audio file and listen to it as you travel to work, while you exercise or while you relax on the couch.