Agenda Setters: Amy Page

Amy Page

AJP chats with Amy Page, who was voted by readers as pharmacy’s second leading Agenda Setter

The Agenda Setters campaign asked AJP readers to vote for the pharmacists they feel are showing the way forward for the profession. We finished with a list of 13 winners as voted by you: see the full list here.

Amy Page, selected by her peers as the second most influential Agenda Setter in pharmacy, currently works in hospital pharmacy at the Alfred Health as the lead pharmacist rehabilitation, aged and community care. She heads the pharmacy team at Alfred Health’s sub-acute campus.

And keeping in the forefront of the broader range of contemporary pharmacy clinical practice, Amy also works as a general practice pharmacist.

Amy’s clinical practice and research focuses on outcomes for older people with multiple chronic diseases and polypharmacy.

She has advocated for better provision of pharmacy services to these populations (including through GP pharmacist roles and Home Medicine Rreviews).

Amy has also contributed to recognition of advanced pharmacy practice through teaching and assessing.

Amy said being voted so highly by her peers was “amazing. I’m so honoured”.

“I think the main thing that my career shows is that you don’t have to follow a linear career in one area,” Amy says.

“Pharmacy’s such a wonderful career choice because there are so many options, and so many different areas to practice in.”

However, she reminds younger pharmacists that the path is not always straightforward, and that it does take time to establish your credentials before you can make a difference.

“Sometimes it’s really not straight forward, though, as you need to work to show your value to patients to be able to advocate for change in that area”, she concludes.

What our readers said:
“For her work in general practice and deprescribing. I saw Amy Page present at the pharmacy students conference a few years ago. She inspired me to keep going with pharmacy as she had been able to do so many different things with her career.”

“For her work as a GP pharmacist….”

“For her work with the prescribing forum.”

“Leading change through innovation at Alfred Health.”

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