I am a PDL member. Why should I register for the AJP website?

PDL members are registered pharmacists and, as such, can apply to access the ‘members-only’ sections of our website – over and above the open-access sections containing pharmacy-related news and information on the site. Website membership gives you access to:

  • CPD-accredited articles and activities
  • A registered pharmacist-only forum
  • The AJP e-mag can be accessed by PDL members via the members’ section of the PDL website. Please note: PDL members viewing the AJP e-mag via the PDL website, and wishing to access the e-mag’s CPD articles (housed on the AJP website), will require AJP website registration.
  • Sponsored content S4 (prescription) or above

To register click here. Once registered, you only need one login and password to access the members-only sections of the AJP website.

Please note: PDL members wishing to access AJP website members-only sections, such as CPD, must be registered on the AJP website.

Pharmacists are also eligible to sign up for our e-newsletter, the AJP Daily. Please note, this subscription requires a separate sign-up process to website registration.

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