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AJP e-mag

At the moment the login details for the website and the online magazine – the AJP e-mag – are separate and you will have different login details for both.

If you would like to register for access to the AJP e-mag please click here.

The login for the AJP e-mag can be found here.

PDL members can access the AJP e-mag from the members’ section of the PDL website.

NOTE: AJP website and AJP e-mag login details are different


Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten your password for the website login, click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page,


it will prompt you for your username or email, enter your details and click the Get New Password button.


You will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password, click on the link in the email.
Note: you will need to click this link within 24 hours before it expires.


You will be taken to a page where you will enter your new password, the password field will automatically have a new strong password entered, you can remove this and add your own password.


Old Auspharm members will need to create a new AJP account to access the forum. If you haven’t done so yet please Register Here


You can subscribe to the AusPharmList forum by clicking the Subscribe to Forum button.


Once subscribed you will be sent email notifications when a new forum topic is added.

You can subscribe to individual topics by clicking the subscribe text in the top right, once subscribed you be email notifications when someone posts a reply to the topic.


To unsubscribe from the forum or topics, go to your profile page and click on the red x next to the forum or topic, this will stop the email notifications.

ajp-unsubscribe help


You can favorite a topic to have it show in your Favorites list, to do this click the Favorite text in the top right


You Profile

Go to Menu > Members > Profile to show your profile page.

Here you can see a menu on the left that will give you access to your forum subscriptions, favorites, created topics and created replies.

You can also edit your profile details on the edit profile page

apj-forum-profile help

To start a CPS Activity go to the CPD Activity page and click the Take this course button.


Once you have clicked “Take This Course” the lesson will be open to you, click on the lesson link to view the lesson content.


Once you have read all the information click the “Click to Complete” button at the bottom of the lesson page.


After you click the button you will be taken to the Quiz page, once you have successfully completed the quiz you can view the certificate, NOTE: be sure to click the “Click Here to Continue” button to complete the course.


You can view your training activity from the My Profile > Training page. To access the page click on My Profile form the main menu or the sidebar widget area.


Click the Training link to view your certificates and training info.