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A trip down memory lane from the archives of the AJP: Australia’s oldest continuously published magazine

From our archives, in September 1971 Guild national president Sir Eric Scott announces he is stepping down after 24 years at the helm.

Interestingly it looks like patient PBS co-payments were also about to go up. How much things change and how much they stay the same!

Look out for a review of the 130 year history of the AJP in our May magazine.


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  1. Peter Allen

    Sir Eric to Retire

  2. Peter Allen

    I spent my Christmas pre-registrant hour in Mr Scott’s pharmacy at Camberwell Junction. He was mostly on the phone, we kept him away from the dispensing bench. ‘I knew every pharmacist in Australia.’

  3. Peter Allen

    Calling him ‘Sir Eric’ was a challenge, seemed disrpespectful at the time, when a younger person always referred to an elder as ‘Mr.’ Let alone his wife, Lady Scott, also the name of a toilet tissue. We all owe a large debt to Sir Eric for fighting to keep Boots out of Australia. And for defending ‘Chemist Only’ for so long — your fathers and grandfathers generated your inheritance via Ipana toothpaste and Elnett hairspray. Oh for those days. [still learning AJP as is evident]

  4. Peter Allen

    It was Eric Scott with Norm Cosar of Henry Francis pharmacies who travelled the world, coercing large contributions from the drug companies to build the Victorian College of Pharmacy in Parkville. Until then we attended lectures a couple of days a week at the Technical College then went back to our masters who taught us the real things a pharmacist needed to know — how to make lotions and potions. That change to academic focus was the single biggest ‘pharmacy at the crossroads’ moment in our lifetimes.

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