Tambassis slams King: ‘We’ve lost confidence in this gentleman.’

The Pharmacy Guild has lost confidence in Professor Stephen King as Chair of the Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation Review

Guild president George Tambassis slammed Prof King in an address to delegates to the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference on the Gold Coast this morning.

He said that the Guild had agreed to the Review as it presented several opportunities, such as making improvements to the existing location rules and having high cost medicines properly reimbursed.

The Guild had done its best to work with Prof King, Mr Tambassis says.

But “I think he’s made some major, major mistakes,” the Guild president says, including having “come in with some serious preconceived ideas”.

“At the end of the day, we’ve lost confidence in this gentleman.”

This was at least in part because the Panel had gone to the ATO for community pharmacy financial records, he says.

Co-panellist Jo Watson from the Consumers Health Forum also came to her role with pre-existing misconceptions about pharmacy, Mr Tambassis says.

However the Guild remains positive about the Review due to the quality of its submission.

Another reason to remain positive is the attitude of the new Health Minister, Mr Tambassis told the conference.

He said Greg Hunt’s speech was the best he had heard at APP.

The Minister “sees solutions whereas other people have in the past been a little bit negative.”

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  1. Greg Kyle

    But of course the guild is completely neutral and has no preconceived ideas about pharmacy…

    • William

      Of course not Greg they are totally objective in such a matter, absolutely no bias or preconceptions.

      • Andaroo

        Hence why they aren’t chairing the committee….since, you know, the review was meant to be impartial and unbiased.

      • Dirk van Lill

        Do you two seriously not understand the difference between these two situations?

  2. Ben Wishaw

    “The Guild had done its best to work with Prof King, Mr Tambassis says.”

    Really? Alternative facts at APP. I would love to see how the Guild has been doing it’s best to support this submission.

    • William

      It would be interesting to see them do their worst wouldn’t it.

  3. William

    Mr Tambassis’ response if just like a spoilt little brat who has not got his way so blames anyone who does not give in to him.

  4. Owner

    LOL another “slam” article. AJP are you taking the piss?

  5. Philip Smith

    Didnt hear Greg Hunts speech, but I did read it and sounded like traditional lip service from a Polly.
    Like a musician always say to the crowd they are performing to that they are the best crowd every!
    I think they call it a cheap pop!

  6. United we stand

    Hahaha the Guild finally didn’t get things their way for the first time in a long run and are throwing a hissy fit.
    Most non-owners are eagerly looking forward to the King review. Bring on change, because the Guild has run this profession to the ground.

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