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  1. Paige

    ^ That is a bigger concern to antiobiotic resistance development than Dr. Moron prescribing Amoxil for a viral URTI. But as always keep the patient fed on unnecessary prescriptions to keep the $$’s flowing in.

  2. Frederick Shellingford

    Thank you Dr Basger for this list of lots and lots of reasons for inappropriate antibiotic prescribing that may or may not have anything to do with actual patient examination. Were they derived from a survey of actual prescribers?

    I wonder if pharmacists would fare better if given the coveted prescribing rights so desperately yearned for.

    • celine mcnelis

      I as a pharmacist would not like to see pharmacist prescribing antibiotics.
      The clinical evaluation for the use of antibiotics is complex and where I hesitate most is empirical prescribing without the ability to get the evidence prior to initiation of the antibiotic (ie blood tests/ urine sample etc). Without these samples the use of an inappropiate antibiotic may complicate determining sensitivities to a safe alternative antibiotic. celine McNelis

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