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  1. George

    This is so old school, dated and wrong. The author needs to read the current research on myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome – that has found hypometabolic dysfunction (Ron Davis – OMF) . Even just reading the Canadian Consensus Criteria or the International Consensus Criteria or the Institute of Medicine repeort or look on the centre for disease control website. …..

  2. George

    PS ME/CFS is a neurological disease with abnormally low anaerobic threshold, elevated heart rate after exertion, low temperature after exertion, often othoststic intolerance. Pharmacists could help diagnose the orthostatic intolerance and check to see if the exertion of getting to the pharmacy had elevated the heart rate (elevated at rest – may not show up).
    The range of symptoms are consistent with a disease associated with hypometabolic findings at the cellular level- Ron Davis OMF.
    Cellular dysfunction – the National Centre Neuroimmune and Emerging Diseases – Gold Coast .

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