Pharmacists key in interprofessional collaboration

Rachel Dienaar

As pharmacists we need to be active in improving inter-professional collaboration and communication.

I feel that the way to move our profession forward and facilitate positive change, is for passionate and experienced pharmacists to broaden their involvement in what are currently seen as peripheral activities in pharmacy, providing modern role models for new and old graduates.

My desire to see pharmacists as effective and appreciated members of multidisciplinary health care teams and providing effective professional services is strongly linked to PSA’s commitment to the ‘Health Destination Pharmacy’ program, which PSA have invested considerably in over the last two to three years.

The benefit to our members is having a practice support program toward best practice and profitable business, through a patient centred care model involving a mentoring program to assist practice change toward effective delivery of professional services.

I am very passionate to see pharmacy practice benefit from the outcomes of this trial, to seize the opportunities created by HDP and to see PSA recognised for this innovative practice support work.

The achievement toward pharmacists as immunisers is also a great opportunity for the profession to contribute to the greater health outcomes of Australians through improving immunisation rates toward targets.

I am very honoured to be the new Tasmanian branch president, with a highly dedicated team in the Branch committee and branch staff.

Outgoing president Shane Jackson should be proud of not only the contribution he has made directly for our profession, but in the culture he has encouraged at the branch itself.

Those who know me would be aware that I am extremely enthusiastic for both the profession of pharmacy and the improvement of career satisfaction pharmacists should feel for their contribution to the health care system more broadly, but primarily improving the health outcomes for the community they support.

My previous experience as PSA Tasmania branch director and the Professional Development co-ordinator, has set a great foundation for my understanding of the needs and commitment required for representing PSA’s members and I look forward to contributing to a positive future for pharmacy.

I joined PSA in my intern year as I thought it should be compulsory to be a member of the organisation who advocates for the whole profession, is responsible for standards and guidelines that govern best practice and provide a depth of continuing education opportunities. I share the vision for PSA as an organisation in continuing to develop areas of practice that are important to a majority of pharmacists, including career satisfaction, job opportunities and diversity and being a valued and integrated member of the health care team.

The ‘Advanced Practice’ model will provide recognition for those pharmacists who develop specialised areas of practice, an essential component for especially early career pharmacists to develop a career pathway.

Both job satisfaction and retention of pharmacists in the profession are important member issues which will hopefully benefit from ongoing attention in this area.

Many pharmacists like me have found career satisfaction across a varied range of environments, a testimony to the varied opportunities existing for our profession.

I am committed to the pursuit of achieving improved health outcomes for our community through the practice of pharmacy and the education of pharmacists and pharmacy staff. The best feeling in the world, professionally speaking, is for me to know that I have inspired pharmacists of the future to be innovators and leaders, to achieve great things for our profession.

My passion is to maximise the effective delivery of ‘patient-centred’ pharmacy and see pharmacists professionally recognised for their contribution to the broader health system.

Rachel Dienaar is the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Tasmanian branch.

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