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Mide Ogundipe. Photo: Supplied.

Chatting with Intern Pharmacist of the Year Ayomide Ogundipe on the highs and lows of interning and her top tips for fellow interns

Ayomide “Mide” Ogundipe was announced the winner of the 2019 PSA MIMS Intern Pharmacist of the Year Award at the PSA19 conference in Sydney last month.

Mide completed her internship last year at Pharmacy 777 Whitford City in Perth, Western Australia.

“The recognition is pretty huge, it’s nice to be acknowledged for what I’ve been doing but I also would like to acknowledge that people have allowed for me to make the most of my ideas and give me the opportunity to be able to implement my ideas as well,” she told AJP at the time.

She aspires to pharmacy ownership in her future, seeing herself in “community pharmacy still, maybe potentially ownership one day in the future.”

We speak to Mide about her internship highs and lows, and thoughts about the pharmacy landscape as a whole.

1. Where did you study pharmacy?

I studied at Curtin University in Perth, WA – and completed my studies in 2017. 

2. Why and how did you first get interested in studying pharmacy?

I wanted to study something in health sciences, was interested in chemistry/human biology and I love talking to people. Pharmacy was a great combination of all three!

Photo: Supplied.

3. What was the highlight of your internship experience?

I think a key highlight from the year was being able to build rapport with patients, local GPs and other allied health practitioners. I think the ability to work well with those around you really makes an impact on the work you do and that ultimately leads to better health outcomes for the community. 

4. What were some challenges you faced during your internship?

I think at times things were a little overwhelming balancing exam study, intern training assessments and full-time work but what definitely helped was the support I had around me. Work is great but knowing when to take breaks and be able to look at your work-life balance is key. 

Remember that breaks are important and finding some intern buddies that you can revise with is a major key.

5. Are you working in pharmacy now and if so, where?

Yes! I work in community pharmacy at Pharmacy 777 Jindalee in WA.

6. Describe your impressions of the current pharmacy landscape as an early career pharmacist.

I think there is a lot of discussion and action taking place at the moment as we look at how we want the profession to progress in the coming years.

It’s exciting to see what ECPs are doing to look at how they can meet the need in their local communities and workplaces.

It’s definitely a time for innovation and transformation in practically every aspect of the pharmacy profession which is really exciting. 

7. Top tip for other interns?

A couple of tips: Take ownership of your role and allow yourself to stay teachable – you are a few steps away from your general registration, use the year consolidate everything you’ve learnt throughout your studies, build your professional experience and find areas that interest you. There is something to learn from everyone.

The intern year can be overwhelming, but it’s important to pace yourself with your intern training program assignments and revision for exams. Remember that breaks are important and finding some intern buddies that you can revise with is a major key.

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