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Pharmacy still leads supermarkets as the preferred source of pain medication, with one in seven choosing CWH

New data has revealed that pharmacy is still the primary source of pain relief for Australian consumers.

The latest Roy Morgan research has shown that 30.1% of Australians buy pain relief from pharmacies in a six month period.

This compares to 26% who choose supermarkets as their pain relief place of purchase.

Half of those who choose a pharmacy setting indicated that Chemist Warehouse was their number one option.

The data also revealed that:

  • Women make up the largest proportion of pain relief purchasers (58%), compared with men (42%)
  • Purchasers between 35-49 years old constitute 28% of buyers, which is the largest individual segment.
  • Panadol remains Australia’s preferred headache and pain relief medication with 7.8 million Australians (38% of the population) purchasing the brand in an average four weeks
  • Nurofen is the second most purchased pain relief brand (21.8%), and the only brand providing any significant competition to Panadol’s dominance.

The new research demonstrated the “relative stability of the headache and pain relief market”, the Roy Morgan analysis stated.

“Over the past three years, the proportion of Australians who purchase Panadol increased by only 0.8% points to 38%. Over the same period, Nurofen has decreased by 1.2% points to 21.8%”.

Other favoured products include Supermarket Brands (9.9%), Other Chemist/Pharmacy Brands (8.3%), Panadeine (4.7%), Chemist’s Own (4.7%) and Advil (4.1%).

Commenting on the findings, Michael Levine, CEO of ROy Morgan said: “Panadol’s claim to be ‘Australia’s most trusted pain relief brand’ appears to be supported by the latest data.

While there are numerous alternatives in the headache and pain relief market, such as Chemists’ Own, Panadeine, Herron and Advil, the data shows that Nurofen appears to be the only serious competitor of Panadol,” he said.

“The headache and pain relief sector is a large market with 12.4 million Australians (60.4%) purchasing a pain relief product in an average four weeks.

“Headache and pain relief products have become a staple of the Australian family’s shopping basket, and are used to combat everything from cold and flu symptoms, to easing a sore head after a big night out,” Mr Levine concluded.

The pain medication market in Australia is set to be shaken up by the recent merger of the consumer healthcare segments of GSK (manufacturer of Panadol) and Pfizer (maker of Advil). 

The data came from Roy Morgan Single Source surveys from 14,785 interviews with Australians aged 14 years and above. 

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