250th Priceline Pharmacy opens

Priceline Pharmacy has opened its landmark 250th store this week at Priceline Pharmacy Gateways in Western Australia.

It’s 12 years since the first Priceline Pharmacy opened at Pakenham in Melbourne’s outer south eastern suburbs, and it is still trading today as one of the brand’s most consistently high performing stores.

Priceline Pharmacy Gateways is a 380m2 store in the Perth suburb of Success and is owned by pharmacist Mark Connor.

“As our customers have learned that we’re opening a Priceline Pharmacy they’ve been nearly as excited as us, they know what the brand means and the range of products they’ll be able to buy,” Mr Connor says.

“The customer reaction says it all for us, they already feel like they know the brand, it’s just such a compelling offer for customers and we’re delighted to be the 250th Priceline Pharmacy.

“The innovation we see across the brand is great, but we were pleasantly surprised by the extent of professional pharmacy services and developments to improve the health of our customers.”

The 250th Priceline Pharmacy complements the 145 Priceline stores (non-pharmacies), bringing together a total network of 395 Priceline stores across Australia. The combined network now has register sales of more than $1.65 billion, and its total sales grew at 11.1% last year.

Co-owner of the first Priceline Pharmacy at Pakenham, Jeff Thom, welcomes the newest store to the brand.

“Pharmacists face a bunch of challenges every day, just running the store is sometimes enough, but we know that making a total business investment has to pay off in the long term and when we took a punt with Priceline 12 years ago we hoped like hell it would work because no pharmacy had done it before,” Mr Thom says.

“The brand has developed a great track record. Sure, there have been some bumps along the way, but the benefits far outweigh the risks and Mark’s got 249 other pharmacies to look to in how he can build his business.”

The brand now dispenses more than 17 million prescriptions each year, has 27% of Australia’s beauty market and is gaining ever larger market share in health categories as the Priceline Pharmacy expands its marketing and store reach.

API expects to open at least 20 stores in its current financial year.

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