McCarthy’s Pharmacy: Bringing help to the customer

McCarthy’s Pharmacy

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If the customers can’t come to you, then you go to them is the philosophy behind the development of McCarthy’s Pharmacy’s mobile service based in Orange NSW.

McCarthy’s Pharmacy boasts of its commitment to offering assistance to customers wherever they are and so introduced its Mobile EasyClinic Service.

Pharmacist-in-Charge, Nathan Wood, explains the concept.

“Our continued growth in professional services and the use of EasyClinic allows us to reach out to customers. Our mobile service is where a pharmacist or a nurse visits community groups such as senior citizens groups, playgroups or gyms,” he said.

“This gives us the opportunity to talk to customers wherever they are and in social groups they are comfortable in. It offers our customers a way of engaging with their health in an easy and relaxed way.

“Importantly, it normalises the health conversation and helps community groups see the importance of improving their health outcomes in conjunction with our pharmacy.

“Our motto is to help customers to Live Life Well. To do that we need to help customers where they are and sometimes that means we need to go to them.

“We also conduct regular health evenings in our pharmacy with allied health professionals present.

“These include sessions presented by physiotherapists, dieticians, diabetes educators, nurses, naturopaths, wellness educators and fitness advisers.”

Wood says these sessions allow the team to spend more time informing customers of their health options and the services available in their local community.

These activities had also highlighted the importance of offering customers something above and beyond the usual pharmacy services.

“Our greatest opportunity is allowing our team to continue to engage with our health services options and letting our customers improve their health,” he says.

“Our customers’ health is our priority and helping them when they are unwell as well as when they want to live a healthier life is the greatest opportunity we have.”


by Peter Waterman

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