A new landmark

Guild national president George Tambassis has honoured outgoing Queensland branch director Robyn Ede at the opening of Queensland’s Guild House

Jennifer Howard, Labor member for Ipswich, opened the new building, which Mr Tambassis described as “shiny” and “a major new beginning for the Guild’s fantastic Queensland branch”.

He said that today (Wednesday) was “momentous” not only due to the new building, but because it is World Pharmacists Day.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) designated World Pharmacists Day as September 25 in 2009, and encourages pharmacists to use the day to promote and advocate for the role of pharmacists in improving health all around the world.

The 2019 theme – “Safe and effective medicines for all” – aims to promote pharmacists’ crucial role in safeguarding patient safety through improving medicines use and reducing medication errors, Mr Tambassis said.

“World Pharmacists Day is also a golden opportunity for us to repeat our key message to the community and to governments across Australia – which is that pharmacists stand ready to make an even bigger contribution to our health system for the benefit of patients, through being able to practise to our full scope – just as pharmacists are doing every day in comparable countries around the world,” he said.

He also lauded Queensland branch director Robyn Ede, and her 25 years of service to the Guild.

“In her vital role in the Branch, Robyn has made many positive contributions to the healthcare system, ensuring safe, affordable and easy access to medications for all Queenslanders,” Mr Tambassis said.

“She has been the driving force behind the scenes, on countless projects.

“I know she is particularly proud to be part of the team that initiated pharmacist administered vaccinations; developed the Guild’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which was mentioned earlier; assisted community pharmacies to become safe spaces to deliver mental health first aid.

“She has also been an absolute stalwart in her custodianship of the biggest pharmacy conference in Australia, APP, making it the standout event in the national pharmacy calendar.

“Robyn is a strategic and thoughtful leader who has provided tireless support for community pharmacy.

“Robyn cares about her members, her staff and the patients of her pharmacy members. This led her to ensure the Queensland Branch is a vibrant, vital member organisation, delivering quality outcomes.

“So well done, thank you, and best wishes Robyn Ede.

“Among her achievements, Robyn has modernised the Branch and its systems – and nothing could demonstrate that modern preparedness than this fantastic newly refurbished building.”

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