A RUM upgrade

One of the new design RUM bins

New-look RUM bins are arriving in pharmacies this month

The Return of Unwanted and Expired Medicines project (the RUM project) has launched a new and more secure version of the existing yellow RUM bin found in all pharmacies. 

The brand new bins for the return of unwanted and expired medicines are being rolled out to all community pharmacies around Australia during April. 

The new bin has been designed with increased security and privacy in mind – for consumers, pharmacists, and those transporting the bins. The secure one-way entry will mean that once unwanted or expired medicines have been placed into the new bin, they will not be able to be removed again. 

This will ensure that medicine returned by the community gets securely delivered to the EPA approved incinerators, where they will be permanently and safely destroyed.

The new bin will be assembled in a different way to the existing bin. When pharmacies receive a new RUM bin, they will need to remove the red lid from the bin and keep it in a secure place for later sealing, attach the secure one-way entry lid, and use the bin as they normally would.

Once the bin is full, the red seal is attached (and can not be removed once attached), and the bin is sent off to be incinerated.

“This new bin helps ensure unwanted or expired medicines are kept secure until incineration, and are kept out of our homes, waterways, and soil”, says Toni Riley, Project Manager at the Return of Unwanted Medicines (the RUM Project).

The RUM Project is advising pharmacies their old supply and then start using the new bins once the old bin supply has been depleted.

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  1. Leah Rosevear

    Great design of the new RUM bins – easy to use, safe and secure for all handlers and ultimately our environment.

  2. Lois Dadd

    Unfortunately our new RUM bins came delivered in a stack of four with the top bin’s lid firmly in place, making it impossible to remove the extra red lid cover inside at the bottom of the bin.

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