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Hold off on My Health Record registration till a new process comes into place, accredited pharmacists are told 

Accredited pharmacists should hold off for registering for access to the My Health Record program till 1 July when a new, streamlined registration process kicks off, PSA national president Dr Shane Jackson says.

Speaking at the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists conference – ConPharm – in Brisbane last weekend, Dr Jackson said there were currently 2974 pharmacies registered for the MHR project, but it was currently a more difficult process for accredited consultant pharmacists to access the system through the provider portal. 

“However, I’ve been assured that there will be a much more streamlined and effective system of registration that will be in place from 1 July to allow individual accredited pharmacists to register for access,” he said.

Dr Jackson has been heavily involved as Chair of the Digital Health Agency’s Project Advisory Group, and describes MHR as a “game changer” in allowing access to essential clinical and medicines information on patients.

“It allows us to play a much more active role in medicines management,” he told ConPharm delegates. “Especially when we’re performing a review – HMR or RMMR – it will revolutionise this process.”

For accredited pharmacists he sees three particular benefits from the MHR program that will boost “effective and efficient care.”

These are: a shared health summary, hospital discharge summaries and pathology information.

“The latter two of these are always issues for pharmacists, but with MHR these are now at your fingertips when you are performing a review. They will be extraordinarily valuable for us.”

“One of the other great advancements it provides is an algorithm that collates all the medication information within a patients MHR history. This basically provides a machine-generated medicines reconciliation that will save you time and that you can then apply your skills to when conducting a review.”

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