AusCann welcomes cannabis bill

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Australian medicinal cannabis company AusCann has welcomed the passing of the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016 by the Commonwealth Parliament.

“We believe Australian patients have the right to access high quality, clinically tested and cost effective cannabinoid medicines,’’ says AusCann managing director Elaine Darby.

The passing of this legislation will enable the establishment of a strict regulatory regime that will enable the production of many effective Australian medicines, the company says.

“We commend the Australian Government for taking this action.

“It is terrific that the stigma around medicinal cannabinoid products has been lifted and genuine patients will now have access to high quality cannabis medicines.”

Darby says the legislation will enhance Australia’s record as a centre of medical innovation and initiate Australian research and development of cannabinoid medications in a range of diseases.

“We look forward to establishing the Australian medical community’s trust in these cannabinoid medicines by providing products which have strong evidence of clinical effectiveness,” she says.

AusCann Group Holdings Ltd is set to list on the Australian Securities Exchange after a successful $3 million capital raising.

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  1. zakvoyager

    So, why all the attention on AusCann? It isn’t anywhere near bringing a product to market and it hasn’t even listed on the ASX. Meanwhile the ASX-listed, vertically-integrated company MMJ Phytotech is about to begin phase two trials on a new oral capsule, the bio-availability of which beats anything already on the market. Do some research please:

  2. Alan Windsor

    Why do we have to hand over our health rights to a company who are only interested in making LOTS of money. There are literally thousands of studies done that attest to the healing power of this most wonderful herb. Every citizen should have the God given right to grow and harvest this plant to heal themselves and their family. The number of ailments that can be CURED without side effects is beyond belief. I smell the influence of BIG PHARMA here as they lobby (bribe) our government to suppress any form of healing that threatens to bite into their monopoly. TOO MANY people are dying while the so called lawmakers sit on their hands and allow the big companies to dictate their terms. In the meantime there will be a lot of dodgy companies such as Auscann trading on peoples emotions to take over our rights. Bring back PEOPLE POWER and DEMAND what is rightfully ours.

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