‘Australian Patriot Blog,’ abuse leads to suspension

tribunal hearing legal case

A health practitioner has been suspended for a year after publishing “bizarre” comments endorsing conspiracy theories and discussing the “global deepstate”

A February hearing at the Civil and Administrative Tribunal NSW heard that in 2017 a psychiatrist became suspicious that his wife, a receptionist at the practice he had opened in 2015, was having an affair with a psychiatrist colleague at the same practice.

In around 2017, he engaged a private investigator to download date from his wife’s mobile phone – and hen then provided that data as well as his own commentary to AHPRA.

At the time he claimed that sending this data took the form of a “mandatory notification” and alleged that the other psychiatrist had breached ethical guidelines.

In 2018, a colleague who practiced in the same building also made a complaint to AHPRA, alleging that the psychiatrist had also sent her a copy of his own complaint, telling her this was to protect his reputation.

During the investigation into the colleague’s complaint about the psychiatrist, investigators looked at the practice website and found a blog – which the psychiatrist referred to as his “Australian patriot blog”.

The Tribunal heard excerpts from this blog, including comments that “This message is to all patriotic Australians”.

“Our world is at an historic inflection point where our freedom is at stake. The next few weeks and months will be critical.

“Please spread the word to our blue pilled friends. We MUST stand up and support President Trump in his fight against the global deepstate.”

This excerpt also warned Australians to “brace yourself for the unmentionable satanic ritual evidence to follow” and claimed that “When 9/11 is exposed the world will change”.

“We will finally have the freedom to alter our future for the good. It is at this time that the treason trials will begin in Australia. Rightly, it will be the people who will decide judgement. Let us be fair and humane – but just… I have been aware of, and have researched the deepstate for decades.”

Another blog entry included comments that “Julian Assange is not in the Ecuadorian Embassy. He is either in Switzerland or Washington. Q and the MoD, SVR (Kremlin) confirm this. He is an Australian hero and would make a fine future PM”.

Both excerpts presented to the Tribunal included commentary that the posts represented the sole opinion of the psychiatrist, and did not represent the opinion of anyone else employed or associated with the medical practice.

Upon reviewing this blog, the Medical Director of the NSW Medical Council decided to raise an “own motion” complaint against him with the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Based on the blog content and the complaint from the practitioner’s colleague, the Medical Director expressed considerable concern for his mental health and wellbeing.

Subsequently a panel hearing concluded that the psychiatrist was showing impaired judgement and that exposure to the political views had “significant” potential to cause risk of harm to his patients.

When he was told by phone that his registration was to be suspended, the psychiatrist called the Presiding Member a “dirty bitch” and “repulsive” and said that the suspension was “a political decision because you have a different political opinion to me”.

He also called her a “filthy dirty f***ing left wing s**t” and expressed concern about his potential bankruptcy as a result of the suspension.

After this conversation he posted on his blog that the Presiding Member had “knowingly used the power of Political Correctness to inflict woman to male intimidation and assault against me”.

At the Tribunal hearing, the HCCC alleged that the psychiatrist had been abusive in his interactions with the Medical Council of NSW, suffered from an impairment and was not competent to practice the profession of medicine.

In its decision in February 2020, the Tribunal found that the psychiatrist’s conduct amounted to professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct. 

The Tribunal also found that he had an impairment, based on an independent psychiatric assessment that he had impaired reality testing and that he had a psychiatric impairment, disability, condition or disorder.

The Tribunal cancelled his registration and imposed a non-review period of 12 months.

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