Best jobs of 2016: pharmacist rates highly

pharmacists in silos: pharmacist in dispensary

It appears that life is relatively rosy for American pharmacists, as the profession has been listed close to the top of the 2016 Jobs Rated report.

Out of the 200 possible jobs listed, pharmacist came 29th, immediately after medical technologist and just before interpreter/translator.

The average income listed for pharmacists was $121,170, with a work environment score of 48.2 and a stress score of 14.7. Hiring outlook was listed as a rather low 3.6.

The top five jobs for 2016 were:

  1. Data scientist
  2. Statistician
  3. Information security analyst
  4. Audiologist
  5. Diagnostic medical sonographer.


Pharmacy technician came in at number 42, with an income of about $30,000. examined several critical aspects of the jobs, categorising them into four “key criteria”: Environment, Income, Outlook and Stress.

Environment included the physical and emotional environments of the jobs, with a higher point total reflecting a lower quality environment.

Outlook awarded higher points to jobs with promising futures; lower scores indicated a poorer outlook.

And the very worst job? Newspaper reporter, for a third straight year, followed by logger, broadcaster, disc jockey and enlisted military personnel.

Australian pharmacists may not agree with the CareerCast data, however: our latest poll shows that 61% are considering quitting the profession.

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  1. Amanda Wong

    I am not too sure what this article aims to achieve other than rub it in our faces that Pharmacists in the U.S are better paid and have higher job satisfaction In the meanwhile, the Australian Pharmacy industry has become cheapened with the introduction of Chemist Warehouse, wages have gone down with government price cuts and too many graduates. As community Pharmacy is becoming a tougher business to run, Pharmacists are also being over worked. I even have a friend who works at Sigma, packing the daily community Pharmacy orders and she gets paid better than a registered metropolitan Pharmacist! I am certainly not surprised by the poll of 61% of Australian Pharmacists wanting to leave the industry. It is going downhill and it is such a shame to see.

    • United we stand

      This ^
      I recently caught up with one of my pharmacy lecturers and he thought things are about to get much worse. He believes the next 10 years will bring pharmacists to their knees. Price cuts, discount wars, robotics and free trade agreements with China are going to take all the small players out and bring about corporate bodies that place efficiency above all. He didn’t think PPA would get far with increasing minimum wage either ?
      Been really down ever since.

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