Brazen thief steals pharmacy charity tin

A thief distracted staff by asking questions about medicines, and then stole a near-full charity tin from a Perth pharmacy

It was about 5pm on a Friday in late January, says Woodlands Village Pharmacy Edward Beck: a woman in her late 20s entered the pharmacy and approached staff at the front counter.

“She then proceeded to request information from both the on duty pharmacist and pharmacy staff relating to prescription and over the counter medications,” Mr Beck says. “Her enquiries were treated seriously and professionally.

“Whilst she had the pharmacy staff distracted and with the help of a large white carry bag she took the charity tin, placed it on the floor at the same time as dropping a product that was sitting on the counter.

“The charity tin was then placed in her carry bag and what she had dropped placed back on the pharmacy counter.

“After asking the staff for some further information she then left the store.”

The woman was only in the store for about 15 minutes, and the entire incident was captured on surveillance camera.

Mr Beck told the AJP that the tin, which was nearly full, was raising funds to support the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park, a cause he is passionate about.

“As with all charities, the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park relies upon the generosity of the community in order to be able to keep up its good work,” he says. “The refuge saves hundreds of unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused dogs every year.

“Being the proud owner of two rescue dogs and two rescue cats, the animal charities are particularly close to my heart. All of our furry friends deserve a fighting chance in life.

“Further to that I believe that it’s important for business to support charitable organisations when in a position to do so.

“The pharmacy will certainly be writing a cheque out to the Refuge covering the amount of money that we expect to have been in the tin. We will also continue to donate our own money to our chosen charities going forwards.”

He says he is disappointed at the woman’s behaviour, but he intends to keep on raising money to help animals.

“As the owner of the business it is disappointing to come across a person who has no problem with manipulating and deceiving pharmacy staff with the sole intention of lining her own pockets with money collected for charity,” he told the AJP. “I can think of few lower acts.

“A long hard look in the mirror with an acknowledgement of her thievery would be a good starting point for this criminal when caught.

“She represents everything that the kind and generous Woodlands community does not.   

“Whilst these criminal acts can often knock the stuffing out of you, we won’t let it get us down for long.

“We’ll be securing a new collection tin on our front counter. It would be great if we could fill it up in record time.”

Image: Woodlands Village Pharmacy surveillance image, via

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